13 September 2017

North Campus Research Complex, 2800 Plymouth Rd. Bldg. 18, Ann Arbor, MI 48109
9:00 A.M.

The Future of Automotive IT: Connected Organizations and Vehicles

University of Michigan
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The Future of Automotive IT:  Connected Organizations and Vehicles

September 13, 2017

9:00 am to 2:30pm

North Campus Research Complex, 2800 Plymouth Rd. Bldg. 18, Ann Arbor, MI 48109

Welcome to the 9th Annual “Focus on the Future” Automotive Research Conferences.  This series, which runs September to July, offers five conferences each year that address topics of importance to the future of the automotive industry.  The first conference this year is our 9th annual Future of Automotive IT conference that focuses on the role information technology (IT) is playing in the vehicle, in the corporation, and even in the structure of the automotive industry.

Last year’s conference focused some of the new ways IT is used in the auto industry in the areas of the Internet of Things in manufacturing, advanced marketing via social media, machine learning for autonomous vehicles, platooning technology for heavy trucks, and IT support for reinventing urban transportation.  This year we aim to review new advanced supply chain payment systems, current and future trends in advanced safety sensors, a new research project that examines how IT systems will support future transportation systems, as well as speakers discussing Big Data projects, the computer chips that will literally “drive” future vehicles, and an update on the Internet of Things in the auto industry.

Some of the questions we will address include:  What new organizational IT trends are affecting how companies organize and operate?  What are some of the challenges advanced safety technologies face on the way to full autonomy?  How will IT within the larger transport system advance safety and congestion?  How are Big Data projects supporting marketing and product development structures within companies?  How fast will future computer chips really need to be in order to support autonomy and AI?  Where are the best touchpoints within the auto industry for successful Internet of Things implementations?

Confirmed speakers include:

Bruce Belzowski, Managing Director, Automotive Futures, UM Transportation Research Institute, will moderate the conference.

Senthil Virthachalam, Senior Management Consultant at IBM will provide an analysis of advanced supply chain payment plans that can revolutionize payments up and down the automotive supply chain.

Debby Bezzina, Managing Director, UM Center for Connected and Automated Transportation, will discuss the research areas of the new center at the UM including driverless vehicle technology, advanced mobility policy; design of advanced roadways, intersections and bridges; connected and automated transportation systems control and operations; and public acceptance of self-driving vehicles.

Alex Oyler, Head of Automotive IT, SBD Automotive, will discuss the different forms of vehicle connectivity that provide safety and convenience for drivers, and how automakers are trying to transform their organizations to leverage the opportunities connectivity presents.

Other manufacturers, suppliers, government representatives, and consultants have been invited

Conference Sponsorship

Companies or groups interested in sponsoring this conference, please contact Bruce Belzowski at bbl@umich.edu or 734-936-2704. Sponsorship Amount (Minimum $2,500)

The Future of Automotive IT Conference Sponsors

Argonne National Labs

BorgWarner Inc.

Bosch Corporation

Delphi Corporation

Denso Corporation

FCA Corporation

Ford Motor Company


Valeo North America, Inc.

University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute

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