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Keys to choosing a logistics and transportation service provider in Mexico

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Choosing the right logistics and transportation service provider in Mexico allows companies to meet the demand for their products in the best conditions of service, cost and quality, as well as to be able to focus on their core business by outsourcing this service with an expert organization.

Not only is it enough to design and produce an excellent product, but manufacturers also have to transport it correctly, cost-efficiently, and without any operational setbacks. This is an absolute necessity for companies that are seeking to grow their businesses and to establish themselves as leaders in their respective industry.

“The storage of products, their distribution and transport , are fundamentally important to consider when choosing one logistics operator over another,” says John Rippee, Tecma’s Vice President of Global Supply Chain and Logistics.

Rippee offers the following tips to take into account when choosing a logistics and transportation the best service provider in Mexico:

  1. Should be highly recommended in the industry

The reputation of a transportation and logistics service provider plays an important role when it comes to awarding transport and logistics contracts. A logistics service provider must adapt to the needs of the customer and meet the demand in the best conditions of service, cost and quality.

  1. Should be capable of end-to-end logistics chain management

To facilitate transportation and logistics management, Tecma’s seasoned group of professionals has the experience and resources to manage the logistics of land, air, and maritime transport, in an integrated manner. The company also offers specific storage and value-added services for each client and is well-positioned to handle all of the details that make the difference in handling, such as packaging and security.

  1. Should be able to service global markets

Over the years, the Tecma Group of Companies has developed specialized services according to market demands.  The organization is a proven and trustworthy partner that will help companies find solutions when needed to ship their product anywhere in the world.

Having a strong presence in the global markets guarantees a single point of contact throughout the process. In addition, the diversity of customs regulations and individual safety precautions of destination markets can create additional obstacles. However, with Tecma’s international operations, the manufacturers that are operating in Mexico can benefit from worldwide market knowledge, customs regulations and foreign trade compliance.

  1. Must have solid security and related technology

When choosing a logistics and transportation service provider in Mexico, an important issue to consider is the safety of  the manufacturers’ products, i.e., how the logistics provider will ensure the delivery of shipments from the moment they leave the factory floor on to their final destination.

  1. Must master the logistics chain by land, air, and sea

For land, air and sea transport, strict criteria for the selection of a logistics and transportation service provider in Mexico must guarantee the constant level of quality. With regard to air cargo for instance, a manufacturer with high production frequencies, consolidation services, direct cargo and charter services, as well as express services, is recommended.

Finally, before choosing a logistics and transportation service provider in Mexico, one needs to be aware of the company’s cumulative expertise by being provided with the required industry certificates. Tecma can present such certificates and developed a flawless reputation in the industry over more than three decades. This point gives companies the certainty that they have chosen the most best service provider that has the capability to offer them superior services that will fully satisfy them.


Manuel Ochoa

VP of Business Development


Manuel Ochoa

VP of Business Development

Mexico business development specialist, Manuel Ochoa, has vast experience in guiding manufacturers in initiating their Mexico manufacturing activities and facilities.