Lora Givler – Vice President of Operations

Lora Givler, vice president of operations of Portage Electric Inc., speaks about manufacturing in Mexico with the Tecma Group of Companies.

In addition to its headquarters in North Canton, Ohio, Portage Electric Products, Inc. has operations in six countries.  PEPI, as the company is known, is one of the foremost global manufacturers of miniaturized thermal controls. Portage Electric products are used in appliances, lighting, battery packs and heated devices, as well as a wide range of other electronic goods.

North Canton, Ohio
Moving back
from China to Mexico

Economic conditions for investors in China have changed significantly over the last several years. Manufacturers have recognized this.

If your company is contemplating a move from China back to North America, contact us. We can help. Mexico might just be the best place for your business to be.


We chose the Tecma shelter services because they provided virtually everything we needed to begin and support an ongoing manufacturing operation in Mexico.

Lora Givler Lora Givler Vice President of Operations


Learn how to start-up and manufacture in Mexico at reduced risk and cost.

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