Matt Meyer – Director of Operations

About Matt Meyer

Matt Meyer is the vice director of operations at Visual Merchandising, Inc. of Broomfield, Colorado. He has worked for the company since April of 2007.

Prior to joining VMI, Mr. Meyer was a mechanical engineer at KoalaPlagroup/SCS, and was involved in the design of waterpark attractions.

Matt Meyer is a May 2003 graduate of the Colorado School of Mines, where he majored in mechanical engineering and minored in economics. While at CSM, Matt played three years on the school’s varsity basketball team.

Outside of work he serves as the president of the Applewood Men’s Gold Club.

Matt Myer is originally from Akron, Colorado. His family includes: father, Tom; mother, Becky; and sisters Tara and Cassie.


Visual Merchandising Inc. is a Broomfield, Colorado-based company that produces polyurethane mannequins.  It holds the philosophy that mannequins are not just for display.They are a touch-point – a split-second opportunity to connect to consumers on an emotional level. When VMI says “custom” it means that everything, from pose, direction and finishe detals to things others may deem unimportant.

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from China to Mexico

Economic conditions for investors in China have changed significantly over the last several years. Manufacturers have recognized this.

If your company is contemplating a move from China back to North America, contact us. We can help. Mexico might just be the best place for your business to be.


Since we began manufacturing in Mexico with the Tecma Group, we have become more competitive by decreasing lead times when compared with our China competition.

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Learn how to start-up and manufacture in Mexico at reduced risk and cost.

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