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Mexican maquiladora operations run more productively on premium fuel

Mexican maquiladora operations run more productively on premium fuel

Left to right: Chef Alvaro Grijalva, Administrative Controller Elena Delgado, General Supervisor Luis Aguilar

Top quality Mexican maquiladora operations run on quality people and good food

In most instances, a well-fed workforce is happy one. A happy workforce is most often more productive than it would be under other circumstances. This line of reasoning applies to Mexican maquiladora operations, as well as others.

The Tecma Group of Companies provides industrial cafeteria services to employees of its Mexico shelter client companies, as well as offers its food services with manufacturers that are not participants in its Mexico Shelter Partnership Program (MSMP).

Tecma provides healthy, quality and delicious Mexican fare in a customer service and hygenically conscious manner for approximately five thousand Mexican maquiladora operations employees on a daily basis.

In recognition of the consistent high quality of the service that Tecma’s industrial catering staff provides to its clients, the company was again recently awarded the prestigious “Distintivo H” from Mexico’s Secretariat of Health and Tourism. Although the purpose of this program is to reduce food transmitted sickness and disease in both the domestic and international tourist industries, the Tecma Group of Companies has voluntarily chosen to participate in the initiative in order to ensure the maintenance of superior culinary integrity, and to provide tactile evidence of the quality and hygiene that is characteristic of the service that it provides to the Mexican maquiladora operations that receive the product of its industrial kitchen.

A goal of the program is to train food service workers in the skills required to exercise preventive care in the preparation, storage and provision of quality nourishmment to customers. The training in this area is provided by Secretariat of Health experts to operations, as well as management, personnel. Mexican maquiladora operations that receive food service from companies that have received the “Distintivo H” award are engaged with a service provider whose employees have been trained in, but not limited to, the following:

  • The proper receipt and storage of foodstuffs
  • The fundamental principles of industrial kitchen and service area hygiene
  • The appropriate manner of handling water and ice
  • The correct means by which to control pests and insects
  • The promotion and maintenance of preparer and server hygiene

In order to ensure that high standards are reached and consistently maintained, the Tecma Group of Companies participates in the Secretariat of Health’s “Distintivo H” program each year. As a result of doing so, and by meeting the standards set by Mexico’s top health agency, Mexican maquiladora operations that contract with Tecma for foodservices can be certain that they are receiving high quality and hygienic service and product.

Remember, a well fueled workforce is a happy and productive one.

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