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  • Visibility, Vigilance, Velocity
  • C-TPAT certificate protection
  • 24/7/365 operations command center
  • Electronic Escort

John Rippee

Chief Operating Officer

Border security solutions made available by Tecma’s Border Solutions

Border security and global competitiveness are of paramount importance to the safety and the economic well-being of both the United States and Mexico, along the full length of their two thousand mile shared border.

Tecma’s Border Solutions development of a unique Geospatial Technology Platform not only provides its users with greater supply chain visibility between transportation companies and their customers, but also makes makes monitoring capabilities of transnational land shipments between the two countries more accurate and effective.

Services delivered by Tecma Border Solutions not only enhance border security, but also help to speed the transit of goods and merchandise between the nations. Time is money, and reducing the delays that are endemic to busy and congested U.S. – Mexico border crossings enables transportation companies to utilize their capital assets and human resources more efficiently. This results in cost savings that are often passed down to the consumer.

In addition to border security and speed of transit, solutions provided by Tecma Border Solutions have been designed for the purpose of solving problems that are specific to both the private and to the public sector.

Private sector businesses are forced to spend valuable time and resources to:

  • account and plan for a higher risk of inventory and production failures
  • make an effort to mitigate a greater risk of product degradation
  • address greater job site expenses
  • deal with problems related to increased congestion at loading docks and freight staging areas
  • accept lower levels of worker productivity

From the perspective of public sector organizations, vexing problems that must be solved by speeding the cross border movements of commercial conveyances relate to:

  • increased vehicle emissions and causes a subsequent lowering of air quality
  • accelerated bridge infrastructure degradation and the need for greater and more frequent bridge maintenance
  • congestion on regional roadways at peak crossing times
  • disruptions to neighborhoods that are situated in the environs of the bridges
  • safety concerns related to stationary and slow moving hazardous cargo

Border security and global competitiveness are central to the solutions that Secure Origins, Inc. has developed over the years that it has been in business.

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