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  • Securing of required licensing
  • Reporting of mandated information
  • Client training for compliance
  • Hazardous waste control and disposition

Efrain Castillo

Program Manager

Mexico Environmental Compliance

Mexico Environmental Compliance Regulations, like those in the US, is a complicated maze of writings, cross writings and amendments that make compliance almost intangible to a newcomer to Mexico.  Some of Mexico’s income from the manufacturing sectors comes from fines levied on companies that are careless with regulation compliance.

Tecma Provides Mexico Environmental Compliance Services

Mexican environmental law and, subsequently, compliance mechanisms have been undergoing a series of reforms in recent years. In general, as is the case within other realms of social and economic activity, authority over environmental issues has become increasingly decentralized. Whereas in the past, Mexico’s federal government had central and predominant legal authority over matters related to the environment, states and municipalities are increasingly playing a proactive role in issues of environmental protection.

Mexico Environmental Compliance








As a general framework, Mexican environmental law is derived and enacted from several sources:

The Mexican Constitution of 1917: The stress on environmental issues deal with the notion of conservation, principally in Articles 5, 27, 73, and 124.

International Treaties and Accords: Among these agreements are an International Water Treaty with the U.S., the Basel Convention on the Control of Trans-boundary Movements of Hazardous Wastes and Their Disposal, and the La Paz and Border XX! Plan. Mexico is also signatory to the environmental side agreement of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

Federal Laws and Regulations: On the federal level, General Law of Ecological Balance and Environmental Protection addresses air pollution, hazardous waste, water quality, soil use and conservation, naturally protected areas, public participation, right to environmental information, land use, environmental impact assessments and noise.

State and Municipal Statutes: State and municipal environmental laws typically address matters related to urban development, subdivisions, water treatment, planning, sanitation, public administration, drinking water, sewage treatment, sanitation, human settlements,  and economic development.

Technical Standards (known in Spanish as Normas Oficiales Mexicans – NOMs) These consist of standards published by the Mexican federal environmental agency, known by its Spanish name “ Procuraduría Federal de Protección al Ambiente,” and its sub agencies.

Mexico environmental compliance services offered by the Tecma Group of Companies enable its Mexico manufacturing clients to navigate the rules, regulations and Mexican environmental permitting requirements generated by the aforementioned sources.

The tasks that Tecma performs in this important service area include:

  • Obtaining Mexican government permits related to hazmat, wastewater, environmental and labor safety, land usage, and emissions
  • Environmental reporting required by the Mexican government
  • Formulating and conducting internal environmental audit programs to prepare clients for external audits by governmental authorities.
  • Advising and consultation related to changes in existing or the introduction of new environmental laws.
  • Developing training programs for personnel involved in tasks that have potential environmental impact.
  • Controlling and disposing of hazardous waste

The Tecma Group of Companies takes its environmental protection responsibilities seriously and, as such, works with its clients to standardize relevant procedures, as well as to foment a green culture in order to bolster the good image of its clients and itself in the community.

Contact us with your questions related to Mexico environmental compliance services offered by Tecma.

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