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The Tecma Group has access to diverse human resources in Mexico

The Tecma Group has access to diverse human resources in Mexico

Abraham Medina, the director of the Tecma Group of Company’s human resources department, gives a brief explanation of the diversity of human resources in Mexico that are available to companies working under Tecma’s Mexico Shelter Manufacturing Partnership (MSMP).

Abraham Medina:  Hello. My name is Abraham Medina director of human resources in Mexico at the Tecma Group of Companies.

What kind of manufacturing labor is available in Ciudad Juarez?

We have a flexible Mexican labor force. We find our clients everything as regards human resources in Mexico from simple assembly workers to qualified engineers.

Our clients’ products are made in Ciudad Juarez. They include everything from automotive precision products to aerospace and medical industry manufactures.

As Mexico shelter service providers in Ciudad Juarez, Tecma recruits Mexican human resources to its clients’ specifications and assumes employer responsibilities.

Remember, interested parties can receive Mexico manufacturing information on a weekly basis by SMS Texting the word Tecma to 96000.

Photo credit: Gwyneth Anne Bronwynne Jones


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