AMCOR Service Solutions

The differentiating factor between AMCOR Service Solutions and other businesses in its industry is its Amcor APPS, or Amcor Partnership Program Support program. Under the APPS program, AMCOR Service Solutions provides its customers service via customized customer websites that it maintains. These on-line assets allow Amcor customers to:

  • Perform automated order entry operations
  • Check order status and information
  • Engage in warranty tracking
  • Set inventory minimum stocking levels
  • Generate custom reports that track quality statistics and other business intelligence
  • Manage inventories and assests to specification

As well as other variety of other customer specific functions.

As an ISO 9001 certified company since 1998, Amcor stands out in its industry due to its unsurpassed reputation for quality and conscientious customer support. The company serves market segments that include

  • OEMs
  • Multi-vendor service organizations
  • Self-maintainers
  • and Independent service organizations

Amcor provides service business solutions for

  • General Business
  • Travel
  • Point of sale
  • Finance and consumer industries

For further information, visit Amcor Service Solutions‘ website.