Covercraft Inc. is an Automotive After-Market Manufacturer

Covercraft Industries, Inc. is an automotive after-market manufacturer that was founded in 1965 as a two man shop in Southern California by Bob Lichtmann.

Today, the company is headquartered in Pauls Valley, Oklahoma.

In addition to serving the automotive after-market manufacturer industry from its Mexico location in Ciudad Juarez, Covercraft has manufacturing facilities in Oklahoma, Texas and Australia. It also designs its custom-patterned vehicle covers at offices in Oklahoma, Arizona, Ohio and California. Over the years, Covercraft, Inc. has amassed a library of 80,000 different patterns.

With each passing year Covercraft’s offerings of custom-patterned vehicle covers for the automotive industry after-market has grown and diversified.

Customers today can choose from products that include: front end masks (or bras), dash covers, seat protectors, tailgate nets, window heat shields, tire covers, canine travel items, storage products and specialty protection items.

To this day, Covercraft, Inc. is family-owned and operated, Marty Lichtmann, the company’s CEO had an early introduction to the business when, at age 11, he took to making matching swatch sets inside the family home. As he got older, the younger Lichtmann apprenticed in every department in the company, in order to learn the business inside and out, and from the ground up.

A maintenance of the highest production standards, cutting edge technology and the utilization of only the finest materials is what sets Covercraft product apart from that of its competition. In addition to selling its Dashmat mainly in the U.S., Canada and Australia, Covercraft ships much of its production to consumers worldwide.

In the world of the automotive after-market manufacturer, Covercraft means Covercraftsmanship.