Legrand North America, Inc. is manufacturing in Mexico with the Tecma Group of Companies

Legrand North America, Inc. designs, develops, and markets products and systems for electrical installations and information networks for use in commercial, industrial, and residential markets in the United States and internationally.  The company is manufacturing in Mexico under the Tecma Group of Companies’ Mexico Shelter Manufacturing Partnership (MSMP).

The Data Communications Division of Legrand is based in New London, Connecticut, and began U.S – Mexico border operations in Ciudad Juarez with the Tecma Group of Companies in 2006. The Data Communications Division also began distribution of Mexican production from El Paso during the same year.

Legrand’s Ciudad Juarez, manufacturing in Mexico plant occupies 20,0000 square feet of manufacturing space in Ciudad Juarez, while maintaining the size space at its El Paso facility. Fifty-five individuals are employed at both locations

Products manufactured by the Data Communications Division in Juarez include:

  • Copper jacks – Legrand offers Clarity premium solutions for copper connectivity needs. Clarity components are engineered to meet and surpass the most stringent industry requirements including TIA and IEEE.
  • Fiber adapters – Legrand fiber optic solutions support common, convenient approaches to fiber optic cabling.
  • Patch panels – The company’s patch panels are available in the traditional multi-port panel format. Kits are also available to support individual keystone jacks.
  • Wire management ducts – When companies need a flexible, cost-effective solution to changing wiring requirements, they choose an infloor system from Legrand.

This production is achieved through the use of automatic insertion and videojet machines, PAD printing, as well as other industry technologies.

Legrand’s Ciudad Juarez manufacturing iin Mexico plant also holds ISO 9001:2008 quality certification, as well as ISO 14001. The latter addresses various aspects of environmental management.

Today’s workspaces have rapidly evolving power, data/communications, A/V and security demands. That’s why Legrand designs advanced, highly flexible electrical and network solutions that work together – to better manage, organize, protect and connect wire and cable infrastructure.

Not just for today, but for tomorrow as well.