Portage Electric Products manufactures thermal controls in Mexico

Portage Electric Products, Incorporated was founded in 1963. The firm is headquartered in North Canton, Ohio. The company manufactures thermal controls in Mexico.

Including its Ciudad Juarez, Mexico location, the company has operations in seven different countries. Although PEPI, as it is commonly known, has roots as an engineering and consulting firm, today it is aglobally known developer and manufacturer of miniaturized thermal control solutions.

The creep-action (slow make, slow break), and well snap-action (quick make, quick break) devices that thecompany manufactures are incorporated into both commercial and consumer products.

These include:

  • Small and personal care appliances
  • Electric motors and transformers
  • Rechargeable battery packs
  • Other hard to get at devices

Portage Electric Products is a privately-held concern led by CEO, Brandon Wehl, an Electrical Engineer, who is member of the third generation of the Wehl family, to lead the company.

Because PEPI ships its thermal controls worldwide, the its focus is on quality and reliability. The company’s thermal controls are 100% quality tested prior to leaving its facilities and meet the specifications of the national standards organizations of various countries around the world.

All of their products are custom tailored to meet specification of every customer.

In order to ensure quality and reliability, Portage Electric Products keeps its facilities in pristine condition and its devices tested on application specific circuits to insure proper function in the end product.

Thermal controls are PEPI’s only business. The company is dedicated to providing engineering and quality excellence as well as prompt attention to their customer’s needs.

Individuals that wish to learn more about Portage Electric Products, Inc., should visit the company’s website.