Visual Merchandising, Inc. is making mannequins in Mexico

Visual Merchandising, Inc. is a manufacturer of custom-designed, polyurethane mannequins that makes its headquarters in Broomfield, Colorado. Much of its product is made in Mexico.

The company was founded in 1987, and opened the door of its Ciudad Juarez, Mexico production facility in October of 2007.

VMI currently occupies 60,552 square feet of manufacturing space in Mexico, as well as 45,910 square feet in El Paso, Texas from which it distributes its superior product to its geographically diverse customer base.

Visual Merchandising Incorporated‘s management team believes that mannequins that are made in Mexico are not merely items for display, but also represent a split-second opportunity to connect with customers on an emotional level.

The product produced by Visual Merchandising today is the result of having devised a better way to manufacture a mannequin.

The secret to VMI’s superior quality is E-Flex. E-Flex is the company’s proprietary material. It has been time-tested and leads the industry with its durability, color-infusion, and environmentally friendly qualities.

Today, the company holds patents on its unique rotational molding processes, magnetic fittings, and easy to use, non-marring flanges. Despite being an industry leader the VMI is continually working to introduce new and innovative ideas and products into the markets in which it competes.

In addition to having worked to make a superior product, Visual Merchandising,, Inc. has continually honed its creative processes during its nearly three decades of existence for the purpose of making the customer design experience as user-friendly as the mannequins that it manufactures. The mannequins that are made in Mexico are shipped to customers in North America and worldwide.

Combining these elements has enabled VMI to become the largest maker of truly custom mannequins.