Tecma Culture

Our organization was founded on community social involvement. We actively support causes for better communities, families, and workers.

Georgina Contreas - Director of Culture Innovation

Positively impacting people in the workplace and beyond

We believe excellence in service begins with excellence in values. Among our key values and goals are corporate citizenship, workplace satisfaction, and cooperative governance.

By contributing to the local communities and creating a positive workplace, Tecma community service encourages volunteerism, mutual respect, and responsibility. Our goal is to enhance the lives of others and create meaningful change in our world.

Key Impact Areas and Initiatives We’re Passionate About

The Toy Movement

Since 2014, Tecma has partnered with toy manufacturer, The Spin Master, to bring a smile to thousands of children annually. Each Christmas season, our executives distribute toys in Juarez or Tijuana (alternating annually) to children who may otherwise not have a toy for Christmas. Staff personnel volunteer to gift wrap the toys and prepare them for transportation to schools in depressed areas.

The first year, our team delivered 3,835 toys to underprivileged children in Juarez. The second year, we donated more than 15,000 toys to the children of Tijuana. With help from our generous team, we hope to continue growing these numbers each year, making a difference in the lives of the next generation.

Covid Response

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, Tecma stepped up to make a difference for employees and the local communities. To reduce the spread of the virus and protect our workforce, we devoted resources and infrastructure to regular temperature checks, fully stocked sanitizing stations in every work area, regularly sanitized equipment, and careful maintenance of health records for affected employees.

Additionally, Tecma called on others to donate with numerous press statements and donated critical supplies, boosting the COVID response capacity in Tijuana and Juarez. High and increasing numbers of masks sanitizing gel and plasma were donated right from the start, helping these areas respond quickly and effectively to this health crisis. Our CEO, Alan Russell, led the way with weekly plasma donations.

Scholarships and Education

Tecma invests in students’ futures by promoting scholarship activities and educational opportunities. Through scholarships and achievement awards, we encourage students to finish grade school, high school, and even college. We sponsor middle school students to go on once-in-a-lifetime trips each year. These leave a lasting impression and instill hope for their future.

At the University of Texas El Paso, Tecma sponsors numerous scholarship programs focusing on technology and communications skills for the maquiladora industry. Tecma executives also give high-impact seminars on entrepreneurship, management, business tools, and technology. In Juarez, we actively support technology training programs to enhance computer and technology proficiency for future generations in Mexico.

It’s both humbling and inspiring to see the overwhelming impact Tecma community service programs and contributions have made over the years in the communities where we’re located.

Alan Russell

Alan Russell

Chairman of the Board and Chief Operating Officer
– The Tecma Group of Companies

Other Tecma Initiatives

Patronato del Hospital IMSS

Tecma partners with this charitable organization to help families fighting childhood cancer by leading money drives and toy donation campaigns.

Clínica 1 del IMSS, Clínicas de Fiebre de Tijuana Yo Apoyo a Tijuana

Tecma regularly donates medical equipment to these community hospitals to fight against Covid-19.

Ciudad de los Niños

Every week, Tecma personnel mentor children in this orphanage and bond with them through letters and gifts.

Weekly Meal Program for Schools in Depressed Areas

Tecma provides ‘One Day a Week’ meals for schools in depressed areas of Mexico.

Nursing Home Meal Program

Tecma provides regular meals to high-need nursing homes.

Neighborhood Parks Clean Up Program

Tecma employees volunteer to assist communities with parks and playgrounds cleanups.

Tournament for Mentally Handicapped Children

Through Tecma funds and employee volunteers, mentally disabled children go on annual trips and tournaments for better quality of life.

Distressed Family Assistance

Tecma has a history of helping employees whose homes are damaged either by fire or flood, so they can rebuild and repair.

Annual Rotary Club Concert

Tecma community service regularly involves contributions to the Rotary Club’s annual music programs.

Hiring the Handicapped

We’ve recently adopted a program to locate and hire handicapped persons, many of whom become self-supporting through this newfound employment.

Being raised in a missionary family, I was blessed to see the benefits of selfless giving. Being part of Tecma has given me the opportunity to carry that message forward into Tecma where we support multiple community service programs.

Toby Spoon

Executive Vice President – The Tecma Group of Companies