Call Centers in Mexico

Outsourcing calls across the globe means management headaches and a language barrier for customers. But call centers in nearby Mexico offer the same savings with better accessibility and English fluency.

Highly effective call centers in Mexico for half the cost

On average, clients who outsource to our call centers in Mexico using our convenient shelter services save about 50%. In addition to being so affordable, a contact center in Mexico typically offers the same state-of-the-art infrastructure, technologically advanced systems, and power-grid dependability on par with the US.

Many Mexican employees in Tijuana and other border areas have lived in the US. Their near-native fluency allows you to provide customers with an enhanced experience for less.

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Mexico’s advantages for the call center industry

  • Same Time Zones

    Because Mexico is in the same time zones as Canada and the US, Mexican call center business hours are perfectly synchronized with your North American target audience.

  • Specialized Services

    A Mexican BPO call center often specializes in a specific function like telemarketing, telesales, or other inbound and outbound call center services. This allows for higher efficiency and greater bandwidth than your team may have.

  • 48-Hour Work Week

    Mexico’s typical workweek is 48 hours. This translates into more flexibility to provide affordable customer service, technical support, and sales calls around the clock.

  • English Fluency

    English is a common second language in Mexico, and numerous bilingual and bicultural workers have lived extensively in the US. They speak perfect English – often without a noticeable accent. This is critical in effective phone-based services for Canada and the US.

  • Ease of Management

    Proximity with call centers in Juarez, Tijuana and other US border regions, allows US firms access with a short plane trip or even by car. This makes crucial in-person training, relationship building, and team management quick and easy.

  • Lower Labor Costs

    Mexico’s bilingual workforce typically involves half the labor costs of outsourcing to a call center in Canada or the US. These low-cost workers are highly skilled in IT support, debt collection, lead generation, and other important industries.


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Learn how to transition your call center operation to Mexico with minimum risk

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With Tecma you can manage a fully functioning call center in Mexico without worrying about peripheral functions like recruitment, site selection, regulatory issues, or supply chain matters.

Tecma Shelter Services allow you to maintain your focus on manufacturing while Tecma takes care of Mexico. Over time, we have developed a proven system by which your company can avoid the costs of maintaining an internal recruiting team, extend its human resources networking reach, and achieve and maintain compliance with all aspects of Mexican Law.

Focus on customer experience and ROI with Tecma’s shelter services

  1. Start-to-Finish Service

    We offer complete service packages tailored to your unique needs. From site selection to workforce recruitment to process optimization, our unique shelter solutions give you the options you need to navigate this challenging industry and succeed in Mexico.

  2. Compliance Is Effortless

    Compliance issues can sidetrack you from your call center mission. But when it comes to regulatory and tax issues, Tecma’s shelter approach has you covered, every step of the way.

  3. Lower Costs

    Call center operations in Mexico is how our successful clients stay ahead of the competition by lowering costs – 50% or more. Tecma’s 35+ years supporting clients in Mexico means more savings for you.

  4. High Functioning Facilities

    Using Tecma’s shelter approach, you can start a call center in Mexico with top-of-the-line equipment in modern facilities and a highly effective workforce already specialized in your industry.

Just what is a Mexican Shelter for Manufacturers?


Perhaps you have a robust manufacturing operation in the US, but want to move manufacturing to Mexico to reduce costs. Opening a factory in a foreign country is layered in bureaucratic complexities, liabilities, and logistics hassle.

A shelter is a legal structure already established in Mexico under which you can operate as a division. This allows you to focus only on core functions while the shelter company handles everything from tax compliance to import/export to accounting and HR.

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Tecma’s call centers in Tijuana, Juarez, and throughout the US border region have enhanced ROI and customer experience for our clients for years. We’ve invested thousands of hours into labor relations, site/facilities acquisitions, vendor relationships, and regulatory compliance. Our shelter approach will give you a quick and easy, low-risk transition, so you can hit the ground running. Our expertise and connections are your strategic advantage.

Jose Hernandez
Jose Hernandez