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Delays are costly. Tecma is in constant communication with Customs to ensure that your shipments will cross the border smoothly.

Secure Shipments with Tecma Transportation Services

Miriam Baca Kotkowski
President of Tecma Transportation

Mexico has extensive road networks and international border crossings that allow for the shipment and distribution of goods throughout North America in a cost-effective manner. Because of this, Tecma Transportation Sservices has become an especially important partner for security-conscious companies like yours in executing their strategies to import and export goods.

For your protection, we offer you a monitoring service through which, using geolocation technologies, you can track your merchandise from the point of origin to its final destination.

Miriam Baca Kotkowski
President of Tecma Transportation

  • Professional staff

    Your merchandise will be in the hands of trusted staff and professional drivers at all times.

  • Increased competitiveness

    By taking advantage of all the resources that Tecma has to offer, your company will increase its level of competitiveness in the markets that it serves.

  • Greater control

    As a firm specialized in the movement of your valuable merchandise, Tecma Transportation Services employs effective control tools to track the movement of shipments and to verify their delivery.

  • Door-to-Door service

    With door-to-door services, you won’t have to worry about snags in the shipping process. You can be confident that your merchandise will arrive without incurring additional fees while in transit.

Transportation services we provide

  • Verify the physical count of items received from your suppliers.
  • Notify you when goods are received in incorrect quantities and/or damaged condition.
  • Coordinate the services that you require with our in-house customs brokers.
  • Process inbound and outbound shipments of goods.
  • Rent warehouse space for medium to long-term storage of your company’s goods.
  • Inspect your items prior to subsequent transportation to Mexican maquiladora facilities.
  • Provide pick and pack services, as well as repackaging, kitting, and light assembly.
  • Rack inventory in preparation for subsequent just-in-time delivery to Mexican manufacturing facilities.
  • Execute banding and shrink wrapping, as well as product sorting.
  • Coordinate your shipping with companies such as UPS, FedEx, the USPS, and local carriers.


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Duties saved annually


Customers served

We can help with transportation services, customs compliance, and more.

Stop negotiating a variety of offers, interpreting multiple rates, and reconciling invoices from a number of carriers. You can avoid these things by becoming a customer of Tecma Transportation Services.

Miriam Baca Kotkowski

President of Tecma Transportation

Tips & FAQ

Why should I use Tecma Transportation Services to be my service provider?

Tecma created this division of the company with the intent of providing market-leading transportation services to customers that are involved in binational trade. Because we are acutely aware of the importance of conveyances’ arrival on time and intact, we are committed to providing prompt and cost-effective service. Company management is dedicated to following industry best practices in order to provide a superior level of service.

What is the Logis software system? How will it benefit me as a Tecma Transportation Services client?

Logis is a GPS software system we employ. It enables seamless communications between Tecma Transportation Services, Tecma’s in-house Customs Broker, and warehouse facilities in El Paso and San Diego. Upon importing or exporting your data into the system, a truck will be scheduled to transport your goods to the desired destination. Immediately, documentation required by Customs is produced. Once your truck has been loaded, the appropriate warehouse is informed of what the items are to be offloaded.

How does Tecma Transportation Services manage my company’s supply chain?

Our logistics brokerage division moves goods both domestically and internationally. We make FTL, LTL, Air, Rail, and Ocean shipments. Additionally, Tecma approved carriers offer transportation services to move your company’s equipment and raw materials. Once a trailer of your goods is loaded at its origin, it will cross the border in the same dry van or container. This saves your organization cross-docking fees and prevents damages that may occur when offloading and loading takes place.

Our vast experience is your
competitive advantage

Advice on transportation options

Our professionals are familiar with the transportation options that exist in markets in which we operate. We can help you to identify the best option at the most favorable price.

Cost savings on packaging

In coordination with our MRO purchasing department staff, we can assist in identifying competitively priced packaging materials that will withstand long trips, as well as sorting and handling operations.

Access to international markets

We facilitate access to international markets, either to import materials that are essential to your manufacturing operations or to export your finished goods. We raise the competitiveness of your company.

Coast to Coast Coverage

We cover your Customs needs from Brownsville to San Diego. Our seamless service removes potential frustration points that your company may be prone to experience under other less efficient solutions.

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Companies that ship goods nationally and internationally trust us to move their merchandise

  • Companies that seek to reduce their international transportation costs choose us.

  • Conscientious manufacturers can be tranquil knowing that goods will be shipped with care.

  • Competitive companies benefit from our excellent reputation with Customs.

  • Manufacturing companies can choose from either LTF or FTL service.

Our qualifications

Authorized Economic Operator (Mexico)

As an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) Tecma has applied international security standards to safeguard your supply chain.

Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT)

Our voluntary participation in C-TPAT ensures that your shipments are protected from acts of terrorism.

Clean Transportation (Transporte Limpio)

Transporte Limpio certification benefits environmentally conscious companies.

Optimize your North American supply chain with Tecma Transportation Services

  • Ship LTL, FTL, Air, Rail, and Ocean
  • Expedited Services
  • Intermodal transportation
  • Brokerage Services