Tecma Warehousing & Distribution Solutions

Your valuable merchandise will be safely stored, protected from damage, and distributed in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

Benefit from Tecma’s Mexico logistics expertise

Warehousing and Distribution Tecma team

Tecma’s warehousing and distribution management solution is composed of logistics processes that include the receipt, storage, and movement of materials within a warehouse and to the point of consumption.

It also includes the processing and analysis of any data that is generated. Our solution can help you to become more competitive, achieve greater customer satisfaction, and, thus, generate a larger volume of sales. Tecma helps you to integrate warehousing and distribution into the development of your strategies to be competitive.

Warehousing and Distribution Tecma team
  • Reduced costs

    When goods are stored in a way that optimizes the use of warehouse space and promotes efficient distribution, damages and loss of product are reduced. This results in cost savings.

  • Enhanced material flows

    An uninterrupted and stable service enables you to create and maintain a logistics network that guarantees the timely supply of the materials that you use in your production processes.

  • High quality standards

    Superior management of the warehousing and distribution function allows your company to maintain its products’ supply and value chains and to conform to all relevant regulations and quality standards.

  • Reduced administrative tasks

    Consistent, standardized, and efficient warehouse management and distribution processes will result in reduced administrative workload and will enable you to increase your productivity.

Warehousing and Distribution services we provide

  • Conduct entry control and physical inspection of all items upon receipt of your goods.
  • Focus on your core competencies, while we provide efficient Pick and Pack Fulfillment services.
  • Take advantage of our highly developed capacity to make sub-assemblies from multiple components.
  • Control the flow inbound and outbound inventories by using our Distribution Center Management services.
  • Streamline collaboration between your company and its suppliers through our professional Vendor Managed Inventory services.
  • Ensure shipments that are received correspond to orders made by using our Quality Control verification.
  • Reduce storage space needs and waiting times for your customers by utilizing Tecma’s Cross-Docking service.
  • Select and package goods while using our Fulfillment Services for storage and order processing.


Merchandise shipped annually


Duties saved annually


Customers served

We can help with customs solutions, site selection, and more.

Our warehousing and distribution services address a diversity of exacting customer needs

  • Companies that store products in-bond and that seek Customs fee savings.

  • Organizations that receive shipments from different suppliers and group them before distribution.

  • Manufacturers that require modern cost-saving automated processes for inventory management.

  • Companies with diverse inventory that rotates rapidly through the supply chain.

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Tips & FAQ

How important is warehouse management to a manufacturer’s success?

Superior warehouse management service is a critical component of your success. We understand that warehouse management is the system that is responsible for the reception, storage, and movement of your goods within our warehouse up to the point of material consumption, as well as the collection and processing of data that is generated. Its objective is to optimize a key stage in your production flow since it acts both in the supply and in the distribution of products.

What is supply chain visibility?

Supply chain visibility (SCV) improves and enhances your supply chain efficiency by making information easily accessible to all interested parties. Our superior warehouse management and distribution systems provide you with clear SCV. We will enhance your company’s ability to accurately track or trace its product orders and physical shipments from the source of production at your manufacturing facility to their final destination.

Can third parties manage my stocks and inventories?

Yes. As a third-party service provider, we always keep and manage your inventories at a minimum to ensure that your stocks are available precisely when they are needed by your customers, not before or after. To achieve this, we coordinate closely with your suppliers and your company. This is the part of the warehouse management function that is responsible for regulating the flow between inputs and outputs of stocks that are used in your production processes.

Can costs be reduced by using an existing distribution center?

Using our distribution services will provide you with direct cost savings: The degree of the savings that you will achieve depends on multiple factors that are related to the inventory that you keep, personnel costs required for picking, dispatch, and shipping. However, with our warehouse and distribution management system, accuracy levels can be as high as 99%. This can result in the delivery of a 50% increase in overall labor productivity by your organization.

A cost-saving warehousing
and distribution solution

Full border coverage

Our comprehensive warehousing and distribution services can cover your business’ needs throughout the US-Mexico border region from Brownsville to Tijuana. No one knows the border better than we do.


In addition to the storage and warehousing of goods, our service offerings include shipping and receiving, picking, and packing, kitting, inventory management, fulfillment and distribution, cross-docking, and tracking.

Access IT infrastructure

You can leverage the technical and data features of our warehouse management system (WMS), as well as avoid investing in a full-blown technology platform solution of your own.

A secure environment

Our warehouse and distribution facilities are monitored 24/7 to protect your valuable merchandise. Additional measures that we take for your security include a system of security alarms and CCTV.

Our qualifications

U.S. Customs and Border Protection

We are a certified FIATA Foreign Freight Forwarder which gives us the knowledge and experience of your international business supply chain.


We are C-TPAT certified and validated since 2008 to assure our Clients that they are working with a secure service provider.

U.S Homeland Security

We maintain a Customs National Permit for a high-quality standard and to expand our electronic capabilities for RLF processing

Succeed by accessing the full gamut of our services from receipt of goods to their storage and transport.

  • In bound storage and distribution
  • Inventory management
  • Pick and Pack
  • Order Fulfillment