Tecma Operations Team

Tecma has assembled an operations team that possesses the wide range of unique professional skills required for your Mexico manufacturing success.

Presenting the Tecma Operations Team

Successfully establishing and maintaining a manufacturing facility in Mexico requires that a team with the right mix of skill sets be assembled to manage and execute all of the functions necessary to do business in the country.  This function requires considerable time and financial resources.  Tecma has done it for you.  Tecma has you covered. 

Project Management

Tecma assigns a ‘Project Manager’ to each client’s facilities. This individual’s role is wide-ranging, as he or she is responsible for leading Tecma’s multi-disciplinary team to ensure the smooth and seamless delivery of shelter program services.

The ‘Project Manager’ is the primary point of contact between Tecma and the manufacturers that it serves in Mexico.

Finance and Accounting

Finance and accounting services provided by Tecma adhere strictly to all Mexican Accounting Standards (MAS) and maintains books in accordance with both MAS and U.S. General Accounting Principles (GAP).

Tecma saves its clients time and administrative expense by streamlining all of the reports it generates and tailoring them to conform to each company’s chart of accounts.

Gabriela Garcia
VP of Finance and Accounting

In-House Customs Brokerage

Getting Customs right is one of the most critically important aspects of doing business internationally. Not doing so can result in onerous fines and costly shipping delays.

Tecma’s in-house customs broker obtains and accurately fills out all of the specialized paperwork needed to present to government agencies, thus ensuring receipt and delivery of your materials and finished goods.

Warehousing and Distribution Tecma team

Human Resources

Identifying and hiring the right personnel is challenging and time-consuming in any environment. Tecma makes its Mexican human resources expertise available to manufacturers of all types to facilitate this process.

Among the services that the Tecma human resources team offers are customized recruiting for all positions, wage and benefits counseling, client-specific new hire orientation, and detailed HR reporting.

Beatriz Curiel from Tecma

Beatriz Curiel
Director of Human Resources

How can we help you start your manufacturing operations and succeed in Mexico?

Facilities Management

Facilities management is another task that Tecma takes off of your plate. You can focus on manufacturing and quality control.

Tecma takes care of everything else, such as your facility and equipment layout, your plant’s energy efficiency, minimizing your carbon footprint, supervising all building improvements, providing janitorial and pest control services.

Environmental Health & Safety Compliance

It takes time and money to hire or develop in-house expertise to maintain environmental health and safety compliance. Tecma has already done this for you. As a shelter service provider in Mexico, Tecma secures all necessary permits and licensing, trains client personnel on compliance issues, implements hazardous waste control and disposition protocols, and completes and submits mandatory EH&S reports.

Abelardo Garcia from Tecma

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Information Technology

Tecma has developed an Information Technology (IT) group for the sole purpose of providing superior communications and internet technology for all clients. These include fiber optics installations unique to Tecma that allow clients to digitally and telephonically connect with their home offices anywhere on the planet.

Industrial Cafeteria

Napoleon is quoted as having said that “an army moves on its stomach.” Much the same can be said about a manufacturing facility. Tecma’s industrial cafeteria services promote employee productivity by providing healthy meals that are served in satisfying portions.

Because of stringent safety and hygiene practices and product quality, Tecma’s industrial cafeteria service has received national recognition.

With the Tecma Shelter Services program setting up an operation in Mexico is no more complicated than setting up an identical facility just across town.

Alan Russell

Alan Russell

Founder and CEO of the Tecma Group of Companies