Mexico Import-Export Services

Elective Part of Shelter Program

A Shelter is a legal and logistical solution that allows the manufacturers to benefit from Mexico’s cost-saving opportunities. The services provided as part of the Tecma Shelter:

A carefully crafted compliance program is a must that ensures the avoidance of costly fines and penalties and reduces or eliminates tariffs and duties on goods that are transited internationally.

Execute trade transactions with confidence

Miriam Baca Kotkowski
President of Tecma Transportation

The consistent and correct completion of import-export trade transactions is critical to Mexico manufacturing success.

Materials and finished products can be delayed and tied up on either side of the border because of customs discrepancies. This can cause economically damaging shutdowns of production lines and dissatisfied customers. As a US Customs certified “trustworthy” company, Tecma will make certain that you can conduct your cross-border business with complete confidence.

  • Direct communications

    Things run efficiently when communication is direct. Our service provides one dedicated point of contact to track all of your customs operations. In the background, a skilled team makes your business its priority. Your experience is consistent, shipment after shipment.

  • Simplified imports and exports

    Crossing borders is complex. Our shipping and tracking tools simplify the process of importing and exporting. Over three decades of experience enables us to speed up shipping time and customs clearance and protect all of your sensitive trade-related documents and information.

  • Reduced audit risk

    Customs rules and regulations enforcement is a priority. This means a trend towards increased audits. To keep your records, we use the latest technologies. Our Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) makes accurate electronic filings for all transactions, reducing your audit risk.

  • Enhanced free trade benefits

    The United States–Mexico–Canada Free Trade Agreement (USMCA) has replaced the NAFTA. Our staff is fully educated on all aspects of this commercial accord and will make certain that your company gets duty-free treatment for all of its originating goods.

Elective Part of Shelter Program

A Shelter is a legal and logistical solution that allows the manufacturers to benefit from Mexico’s cost-saving opportunities. The services provided as part of the Tecma Shelter:

Import-Export Services

Customs classification of goods

Tecma professionals execute the classification of raw materials, supplies, machinery, tools, and equipment, and finished goods. The correct classification of these items will eliminate the imposition of fines that are levied by US Customs and Border Protection when inaccuracies occur.

Processing of all customs documents

Tecma processes bills of lading, invoices, packing lists, export declarations, air waybills, Mexican Ordenes de Servicio, and pedimentos. The certificate of origin document is no longer required. Under the USMCA, certificates may be provided on an invoice or another document.

Claiming PROSEC status for goods

Mexico has implemented Sectoral Promotion Programs (PROSEC). These are arrangements that Tecma accesses to reduce Most Favored Nation (MFN) tariffs to zero or five percent of a wide range of non-originating inputs needed by IMMEX (maquiladora manufacturing) companies in Mexico.

Special clearance process for hazmat

The US and Mexico require special processes for the transportation of hazmat. Tecma’s experts guide you in this area. Items include compressed gases and flammable liquids and solids. Regulations require classification, packaging, labeling, security assessment, and documentation of all shipments.

Expediting shipments

Tecma obtains and maintains the necessary certifications and documents that are required to make sure that your goods are not delayed at the border. Tecma also takes measures to reduce the number of times that Customs inspects your cargo.

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Just what is a Mexican Shelter for Manufacturers?


Perhaps you have a robust manufacturing operation in the US, but want to move manufacturing to Mexico to reduce costs. Opening a factory in a foreign country is layered in bureaucratic complexities, liabilities, and logistics hassle.

A shelter is a legal structure already established in Mexico under which you can operate as a division. This allows you to focus only on core functions while the shelter company handles everything from tax compliance to import/export to accounting and HR.

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