Relocate south of the border with Tecma El Paso

Tecma is a US-based shelter provider with a strong presence in El Paso, TX and neighboring Juarez in Mexico.

Tecma El Paso: Gateway to Manufacturing in Mexico

Headquartered in El Paso, just across the border from Juarez, Tecma affords US manufacturing companies doing business in Mexico central access to the US market. Together with neighboring Las Cruces, New Mexico, the tri-city region of 2.5 million people constitutes the largest bilingual and binational workforce in the Western Hemisphere.

Often referred to as the “Paso del Norte” or the “Borderplex,” the El Paso-Juarez metropolitan area forms the third-largest manufacturing node in North America.

Approximately $72 billion in trade crosses the Juarez-El Paso border every year via the four major international entry points. The region is located at the midway point along the US-Mexico border, with direct access to east and west markets in the US. Tecma El Paso truly is located at the gateway between consumers in the United States and a booming manufacturing hub in Juarez and northern Mexico.

The Benefits of Manufacturing in Juarez

Juarez, Mexico is the birthplace of the maquiladora manufacturing operation and the hub of Mexican manufacture for export to the US. The city boasts well over 300 maquiladora factories and approximately 40 industrial parks, supplying world-class industrial space – at about 5% less cost than other border cities – for Fortune 500 companies and world-renowned producers. Some of the many industries served by Juarez IMMEX maquiladora manufacturing include: Automotive, Aerospace, Heavy Metals, Medical Devices, and Plastic.

Based just across the border in El Paso, Tecma makes it possible for a US manufacturer to open a factory in neighboring Juarez for minimal production costs and maximum US market exposure. In addition to being centrally located, Juarez also boasts an extremely low-cost labor pool of highly skilled assembly workers. Juarez is home to approximately 20 public and private universities and technical schools, churning out engineers and specialized manufacturing technicians by the thousands. The El Paso-Juarez manufacturing workforce overall totals approximately half a million.

Because Mexico is a member of the USMCA (the new NAFTA), inputs imported from the US and finished products exported back to the US are eligible for duty-free treatment. Exporting to other countries duty-free is also an option, as Mexico boasts more free-trade agreements than any other country in the world.

The Tecma El Paso Advantage

Tecma’s unique offering in this vibrant manufacturing community is giving US companies the flexibility and risk mitigation of contract manufacturing with the diverse options and control usually only possible with owning a standalone company. Through shelter manufacturing, a US company can partner with Tecma El Paso to manufacture in Juarez in their own factory.

Tecma is the company of record and handles all bureaucratic red tape, all recruiting and HR functions, and even import/export. Our distribution center in El Paso can quickly bring goods to market anywhere in the continental US within a matter of days.

Because Tecma’s shelter operations are just across the US border, US company executives can reach their factories by car or a short plane trip. Many executives choose to live in Juarez to achieve an exotic, international lifestyle on a much lower budget than in the US.

Through shelter manufacturing, Tecma takes the stress out of moving operations to a foreign country by absorbing all administrative headache and plugging clients directly into their vibrant networks for supply chain, human capital, and more. US manufacturers are then free to focus on creating great products more competitively.

The Intersection of Possibilities

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