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Part of Shelter Program

A Shelter is a legal and logistical solution that allows the manufacturers to benefit from Mexico’s cost-saving opportunities. The services provided as part of the Tecma Shelter:

Filling skilled and unskilled positions is central to success in any environment. The difficulty of doing so can be amplified when operating in unfamiliar territory. Take advantage of Tecma’s experience.

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Beatriz Curiel from Tecma

Beatriz Curiel
Director of Human Resources

“We have been seeking, selecting, and hiring human resources talent in Mexico for a wide range of manufacturing companies for over 34 years.”

Over time, we have developed a proven system by which your company can avoid the costs of maintaining an internal recruiting team, extend its human resources networking reach, achieve and maintain compliance with all aspects of Mexican Labor Law, conduct equitable salary negotiations, and facilitate the onboarding process.

  • Save time

    When you are in a hurry to find the right personnel to meet your production schedules, access our extensive human resources candidate database to find the person or the people, that you need in a timely manner.

  • Minimize costly mistakes

    The lack of familiarity with the Mexican labor market and its accompanying talent pool increases the chances that you will make costly hiring errors. Tecma counsels its manufacturing clients in order to avoid such mistakes.

  • Boost retention rates

    After you make the decision on who to hire, Tecma works with you to formulate and improve retention strategies. Keeping skilled, positive, and motivated employees to reduce turnover is critically important to ensuring your organization’s success.

  • Maintain peace of mind

    You can be confident that you have a team of Mexico human resources experts on your team. The peace of mind that this creates will enable you to focus on the core value-added manufacturing activities and your company’s profitability.

Part of Shelter Program

A Shelter is a legal and logistical solution that allows the manufacturers to benefit from Mexico’s cost-saving opportunities. The services provided as part of the Tecma Shelter:

A complete & professional human resources solution for Manufacturers

In-depth Labor Market Analysis

The recruitment and hiring of both professional and line worker manufacturing staff is made easier for you by tapping into our extensive knowledge of skill availability and of both the local and national labor pool.

Customized recruitment

A unique business like yours calls for a unique recruitment strategy. Attracting and hiring the right talent to staff your production facility could be a challenge. Tecma has successfully met this challenge for its clients for more than three decades.

Individualized worker orientation

Your new hires are oriented to the manufacturing workplace in accordance with your company’s unique needs. Trained professionals conscientiously craft introduction programs that instill the mission and the values of your business beginning on day one.

Daily human resources administration

We free you to fully concentrate on your core manufacturing business by taking care of day to day human resources tasks that include items such as employee file management, employee leave management, onboarding, exit interviews and offboarding, termination support, and more.

Professional health and safety regulation compliance

A healthy and cared for employee is happy and productive. Your Mexican workforce will have access to routine and urgent care services on all shifts, preventive healthcare counseling, prescription drugs by doctors’ instruction, as well as on-site medical care.

Savvy labor relations management

When labor problems arise that require human resources services in Mexico, Tecma is there to bring about a quick resolution of any conflict, thus ensuring that your production facility will meet its production schedule and ship quality goods on time.

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We can help with human resources, site selection, and more.

Just what is a Mexican Shelter for Manufacturers?


Perhaps you have a robust manufacturing operation in the US, but want to move manufacturing to Mexico to reduce costs. Opening a factory in a foreign country is layered in bureaucratic complexities, liabilities, and logistics hassle.

A shelter is a legal structure already established in Mexico under which you can operate as a division. This allows you to focus only on core functions while the shelter company handles everything from tax compliance to import/export to accounting and HR.

Find out how Mexican Shelter reduces your manufacturing costs