Manufacturing in Tijuana

Geographically speaking, Tijuana is the best low-cost manufacturing location from which to serve important West Coast markets effectively and efficiently.


Low-cost operations near California

Tijuana is just across the border from San Diego and is only 137 miles from California’s main business center, Los Angeles. It is the best Mexican manufacturing location from which to serve the thriving US West Coast market. Companies seeking to set up production in Tijuana can choose to locate in over forty-five modern industrial parks. Available inventory in these locations includes about 2.5 million square feet of Class A and Class B buildings. The city is home to companies in the aerospace, medical device, electronics, auto parts, and general manufacturing industries.


Tijuana population


Manufacturing workforce


Number of industrial parks


Drive to San Diego

Infrastructure and Logistics

The manufacturing center of Tijuana has a highly developed infrastructure network that extends throughout the state of Baja California and into the US. Local facilities include airports and highways, and a port to a rail system that serves to streamline and boost the import and export process.

6 decades

of worker experience in manufacturing activities


largest medical device manufacturing cluster in Latin America

125 aerospace manufacturers

have operations in Tijuana and Baja California

122 companies

make up Tijuana’s well-developed electronics sector.

Tijuana is the best location for your manufacturing if:

  • You seek a high-skilled and specialized workforce in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) intensive industries.
  • You need access to low-cost labor to service West Coast customers.
  • You need a location with an extensive transportation network that includes rail, truck, and air.

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Major manufacturing
industries in Tijuana

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Medical Devices
  • General Manufacturing
  • Electronics

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