Medical Device Manufacturing

Medical device production in Mexico is of the quality that meets demanding USFDA standards. Among the principal states for the production of these items are Baja California, Chihuahua, and Tamaulipas.

Latin America’s Leader in Medical Devices

Nearly 2,500 companies that are specialized in medical device manufacturing have operations in Mexico, and the number of companies that have medical products that have been registered for export exceeds 600.

Over the last several years, the Mexican medical device industry has had an average annual growth rate in production that is estimated to be at 4%. Companies in this sector can take advantage of Mexico’s 14 trade agreements to ship their products duty-free to 46 different countries.

Medical Device industry by the numbers


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Mexico’s advantages for the Medical Device industry

  • Medical devices for all applications

    Trained Mexican labor manufactures both simple and complex FDA-approved medical device products that cover all of the phases that encompass the patient care cycle. They include diagnostic, treatment, and monitoring technologies.

  • A wide variety of products

    Mexico has the supply chain in place to serve the medical device industry. Capabilities included are surgical, dental, and veterinary instruments and devices; orthopedic articles, mechano-therapy applications, surgical furniture, and apparatus based on the use of x-rays.

  • Principal supplier to the US

    Mexico is the leading exporter of medical devices to the United States. In order to make superior products, the country has developed a complete industry eco-system with companies engaged in precision machining, die-casting, die-cutting, stamping, thermal treating, and injection molding.

  • Globally recognized industry leaders

    The world’s best-known medical device manufacturers are confident in Mexico and its workforce. Among the industries’ most recognized names with a presence in Mexico are Medtronic, Kimberly Clark, Boston Scientific, Johnson & Johnson, Cardinal Healthcare, Stryker, and many others.


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Learn how to transition your medical device operation to Mexico with minimum risk

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With Tecma you can manage a fully functioning medical device plant in Mexico without worrying about peripheral functions like recruitment, site selection, regulatory issues, or supply chain matters.

Tecma Shelter Services allow you to maintain your focus on manufacturing while Tecma takes care of Mexico. Over time, we have developed a proven system by which your company can avoid the costs of maintaining an internal recruiting team, extend its human resources networking reach, and achieve and maintain compliance with all aspects of Mexican Law.

Focus on your core manufacturing functions

  1. Select the right site

    Tecma provides companies with expert guidance through the critically important industrial site selection process. Your company will benefit from our experience of more than 400 manufacturers to find the place in Mexico that supports their success.

  2. Execute a quick start-up

    Under the Tecma shelter program, you will be up and running in as little as 30-90 days. The quicker you are up and running, the faster you will reap the benefits of having a low-cost, low-risk manufacturing facility in Mexico.

  3. Hire the right personnel

    Tecma recruits personnel that meets your specifications to staff your factory in Mexico. You benefit from the deep knowledge of the Mexican labor force that Tecma has gained as a result of hiring thousands of direct and indirect workers.

  4. Do what you do best

    You are in business to manufacture the quality products that your customers have come to expect. Tecma’s comprehensive shelter services will enable you to focus your time, energy, and material resources on your production processes. Tecma does the rest.

Just what is a Mexican Shelter for Manufacturers?


Perhaps you have a robust manufacturing operation in the US, but want to move manufacturing to Mexico to reduce costs. Opening a factory in a foreign country is layered in bureaucratic complexities, liabilities, and logistics hassle.

A shelter is a legal structure already established in Mexico under which you can operate as a division. This allows you to focus only on core functions while the shelter company handles everything from tax compliance to import/export to accounting and HR.

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We have facilities in the highly developed automotive support manufacturing centers of Juarez, Tijuana, Torreon, Leon, and the Guanajuato region. These centers provide the OEMs and Tier 1, 2, and 3 auto support manufacturers access to tightly networked industry clusters, and strong infrastructure in Mexico, growing their competitive advantage.

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Manuel Ochoa