Relocate south of the border with Tecma San Diego

Tecma is a US-based shelter provider with a strong presence in San Diego, CA, and neighboring Tijuana in Mexico.

The Booming Manufacturing Hub of San Diego-Tijuana

Strategically positioned in San Diego, Tecma helps manufacturers become fully operational in Tijuana within a matter of weeks. You can focus solely on creating better products while Tecma handles all the administrative and bureaucratic issues. With shelter manufacturing, anyone can achieve the benefits of nearshoring just south of the border hassle-free.

With abundant commercial real estate options and a manufacturing workforce approximately 300,000 strong, Tijuana, Mexico holds immense potential for US manufacturing companies. Over 700 maquiladora or foreign factories operate in the city’s approximately 50 modern industrial parks.

The city is home to Mexico’s largest cluster of aerospace manufacturers and the largest concentration of medical device factories in all of North America. It also boasts a highly developed manufacturing ecosystem in other industries like automotive, electronics, consumer products, and general manufacturing.

Aided by 30-minute border crossings, access to international ports, and world-class transportation infrastructure, producers have quick and easy access to both domestic and international markets. And businesses in the Tijuana-San Diego region are able to ship freight by truck to anywhere in the US in just 1-5 days.

A Regional Partnership

As part of the CaliBaja Bi-National MegaRegion, Tijuana and San Diego work together in specialized ways to complement each other. Businesses have developed a new cross-border manufacturing co-creation model that involves binational collaboration in the engineering and design of products, manufacturing processes, software, and other business functions. San Diego’s capital and research & development directly feed the highly skilled and competitively priced assembly and manufacturing operations in Tijuana.

Approximately 40% of the inputs used in Tijuana’s manufacturing are sourced from the US. Companies that move factories south of the border to manufacture more efficiently, directly contribute to a $205 billion, cross-border regional economy. 40 cents of every dollar spent in Mexican manufacturing returns to the US. Executives from companies in California and other US states often move to Tijuana to enjoy a more upscale, international lifestyle while living within driving distance of their US headquarters.

The Tecma Solution

Because of Mexico’s low cost of labor, skilled assembly workers, and duty-free import/export options under the USMCA, companies in California and other US states are eager to do business there.

Tecma San Diego facilitates these US manufacturers by plugging them into their operations in Tijuana, located just on the other side of the border.

Through shelter manufacturing, a US-based company can forego the disadvantages of opening a foreign subsidiary or purchasing from contract manufacturers.

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