Manufacturing in Torreon

Torreon is located in the Laguna Comarca region of Northern Mexico. Its large automotive sector employs more than 30% of the region’s manufacturing labor.


Value-added manufacturing in Torreon

Torreon is home to well-known global companies such as John Deere, Johnson Controls, Takata, and Caterpillar. These manufacturers are housed throughout the ten industrial parks that are located within the city. They import machinery, components, and raw materials to produce their goods. Once finished the manufactured items are exported to be consumed in foreign markets (mainly the United States).

Today, the dominant industrial sector in the city of Torreon is the automotive and transportation industry. This sector of the economy of the Laguna Comarca accounts for 22% of its value-added manufacturing that is produced in the region.


Torreon population


Manufacturing workforce


Number of industrial parks


Flight duration to Dallas, Texas

Infrastructure and Logistics

Torreon occupies a strategic location in Northern Mexico. The city is situated 383 miles from the nearest border Port of Entry at Laredo, Texas, and 700 miles from Houston. The Francisco Sarabia International Airport is located in Torreon. It has 59 flights with 10 routes covering 3 different countries.

Torreon ranks 3rd

in competitiveness among cities of a population exceeding 1 mln

The labor market
in Torreon exceeds

640,000 workers

Over 220,000

individuals are employed in manufacturing

More than 130

suppliers to the automotive industry are based in Torreon.

Torreon is the best location for your manufacturing if:

  • You are looking for labor costs of up to 15% below other Mexican major industrial zones.
  • You are looking for a location with strong automotive industry skills in its workforce.
  • You are looking to choose to locate operations in one of the region’s many modern industrial parks.

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Major manufacturing
industries in Torreon

  • Automotive
  • Agricultural Equipment
  • Electronics
  • Plastic
  • Food Processing
  • Textiles
  • Iron and Steel
  • Petrochemicals

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