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Everything needed to ensure the success of each and every cross-border transaction. Contract with our highly experienced and knowledgeable team to attend to your international trade needs.

  • Secure Expedited Shipping - We have been in business for almost three decades. As a result, we have learned the best way to keep cargo secure and to avoid transportation delays and interruptions.
  • Limit Risk Exposure - Compliance with US and Mexican Customs requirements is an absolute must. We make certain that all rules are properly adhered to and that costly fines and inconveniences are avoided.
  • Focus on Core Functions - You are free to fix the entire focus on your core activities confident in the knowledge that all functions related to Customs will be professionally handled.


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Mexico Import/Export
& Customs Compliance Services

  • Classifying raw materials, equipment, and finished products.
  • Developing tailored software tools that fulfill your requirements.
  • Consulting on the US-Mexico-Canada Free Trade Agreement.
  • Fulfilling all of US and Mexican Customs legal mandates.
  • Warehousing, consolidating, and shipping of goods.
  • Creating and processing documents to effect in-bond shipments.
  • Providing dunnage preparation and cleaning services. 
  • Clearing hazardous materials in compliance with regulations.
  • Maintaining the certifications that are required to expedite shipments.


We operate in the following U.S. Southern Border Customs Ports of Entry: 

    • San Diego/Tijuana, 
    • Nogales, 
    • Cd. Juarez/El Paso, 
    • Nuevo Laredo/Laredo, 
    • Reynosa/Pharr/McAllen, 
    • Nuevo Progreso/Progreso
    • Matamoros/Brownsville.

The Tecma Customs Solutions Advantage

  • 1.Our Customs Brokers have extensive experience in complicated U.S. and Mexican legal requirements for your manufacturing, IMMEX, or farm to market commodity operations.
  • 2.Our Company’s core principle is to focus on “Client Share” instead of “Market Share”. This keeps us motivated to maintain a high level of Client satisfaction and lower costs.
  • 3.We have over 27 years of experience with multi-national corporation requirements for U.S. Customs, other U.S. Federal Agencies, Mexican Hacienda, and Secretary of Economy with E-connectivity.

Porfirio Waters

President of Tecma Customs Solutions

Meet Porfirio Waters. He is a US Licensed Customs Broker and consultant with more than 27 years of experience. He is ready to deliver TECMA's expertise and solutions customized to any business requirements.

Customs Solutions FAQ

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Who regulates imports in America?

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What if my current customs broker misclassifies my goods?

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Brokers Certification

  • We maintain a Customs National Permit for a high-quality standard and to expand our electronic capabilities for RLF processing
  • We are C-TPAT certified and validated since 2008 to assure our Clients that they are working with a secure service provider.
  • We are a certified FIATA Foreign Freight Forwarder which gives us the knowledge and experience of your international business supply chain.

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