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What We Do

Shelter Services for Manufacturers

With Tecma Shelter Services, manufacturers can cut production costs 50% or more by moving their manufacturing to Mexico. How? You provide your raw materials, machinery, and manufacturing know-how. We handle all the intricacies of doing business in Mexico.

Tecma provides

  • Full-service human resources and outsourced payroll services.

  • Comprehensive Mexico import – export processing.

  • Complete Mexico facilities management.

  • Professional EH&S consultation.

  • Experienced Mexico supply chain services.

  • An industrial developer.


Who We are

Mexico is our Technology

  • Tecma’s flexible business solutions enable manufacturers to configure their shelter maquiladora operations in ways that will best serve to optimize their ability to achieve defined overall strategic and economic manufacturing goals and objectives. It was Tecma’s founders’ intention to design a user-friendly Mexico Shelter Manufacturing Partnership (MSMP) business model that would streamline clients’ Mexican operations and empower the executives managing them to fix their attention solely on competencies core to their primary mission.

  • The Tecma Group of Companies was founded over three decades ago by current company president and CEO, K. Allan Russell, along with three mentoring business partners. What started in 1985 as a small operation occupying a total of 8,500 square feet has become a sizable international enterprise that occupies production, warehouse and distribution space on both sides of the international border at El Paso, Texas and Ciudad Juarez, San Diego and Tijuana.

  • In addition, Tecma provides Mexico Shelter Services in cities throughout Mexico including Torreon, Rosarita, and Silao. Russell is the firm’s majority owner, with minority owners all being members of the Tecma Senior Executive Team.

The excellence of the Mexico business solutions that Tecma provides is an extension of the company’s highest and most closely held values. Among them are:

Unwavering Integrity

Tecma Group billing is clear and straightforward. If errors are detected, they are rectified in a timely manner.

Unparalleled Customer Service

The Tecma Mexico operations team assists its clients to achieve cost efficiencies by identifying and eliminating operational inefficiencies and redundancies on an ongoing basis.

Proactive Continuous Improvement, Excellence and Innovation

The Tecma Group ensures that its services, and the staff that deliver them, stay “ahead of the curve.” The company makes tuition reimbursement and scholarships available to its employees.

Relational Transparency

Tecma practices “open book” accounting

Real Social Responsibility

The Tecma Group is an active member of the community. The staff and organization participates in missions work, as well as supports animal rescue and other civic organizations.


Our experience

TECMA in Numbers


years in business


sqft of occupied manufacturing space


manufacturing company clients




Our Advantage

Why Choose Tecma?

  • Single source supplier

    We provide the services that you need to manufacture in Mexico.

  • Trusted partner

    We’ve loyally served over 600 companies just like yours.

  • Multiple geographical locations

    We provide Shelter Services in Tijuana, Juarez, Torreon, and the state of Guanajuato.


Sucess Stories

Already Trusted Us

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Tecma's Leadership

Message from our CEO

Welcome to Tecma.

Our company is pleased to provide comprehensive information on the services that Tecma offers so that you can set up and maintain low-cost and low-risk manufacturing operations in Mexico.

We have been a leading provider of bundled services that are commonly referred to as “shelter services” for 37+ years. Shelter services allow you to focus on your core-manufacturing competencies, while we handle the intricacies of doing business in Mexico.

Although there are other companies that do what we do, the industry recognizes that we are unique. Our company leadership has worked diligently to create a superior work environment for our employees. We have been named one of the 100 Best Places to Work in Mexico on several occasions.

As we further identify our customers’ needs, we continue to develop new useful services that guarantee their success.

We invite you to come to meet us in Mexico soon!

Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer


Tecma's History

A long history of success supporting manufacturers and the community



Tecma is founded by K. Alan Russell

Tecma begins business operations as a contract manufacturer in El Paso, Texas and Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.



Tecma acquires the Shelter Company ELAMEX

Tecma acquires the Shelter Company ELAMEX (a company established in Ciudad Juarez in 1980)



Tecma acquires the Shelter Company IOS

Tecma acquires the Shelter Company IOS in Ciudad Juarez



Tecma acquires Made in Mexico

Tecma acquires Made in Mexico (a company established in Tijuana in 1986)



Tecma acquires Border Assembly

Tecma acquires Border Assembly (a company established in Tijuana in 1988)



Tecma starts operations in Silao Guanajuato

Tecma starts operations in Silao Guanajuato and established in the Bajio Region.



Tecma acquires the Shelter Company Ediasa

Tecma acquires the Shelter Company Ediasa



The Tecma East division is created

with the start of operations in Matehuala. At the same time, Tecma acquires the transportation company Omega Trucking and the Tecma Transportation Services (TTS) Division grows.


Get in Touch

Start Saving & Grow with Tecma Today

To stay competitive in this global market, keeping labor costs down is crucial. Fortunately, you can save 50-70% on labor costs in Mexico. And you don’t have to sacrifice skill or quality. Tecma’s shelter services include providing a highly-skilled workforce to your technical specifications for maximum quality and maximum profitability.



Tecma Achievements & Certifications

Great Place to Work


Customs National Permit


Giving Back

Supporting the community

The Toy Movement

Each Christmas season, Tecma distributes toys in Juarez or Tijuana to children who may otherwise not have a toy for Christmas.

University of Texas El Paso Scholarship programs

Tecma sponsors scholarships for students that focus on technology and communications skills that benefit the individual as well as the border region’s maquiladora industry.

Mexico Scholarships

Tecma provides students assistance for the completion of K-12 and university education through its program of scholarships and achievement awards.

Hiring the Handicapped

Tecma participates in a program to identify and hire handicapped persons in order to promote their efforts to become self-supporting.



Our Values

Higher & Faster

Tecma not only supports its workers and their families, it also supports you in your efforts to achieve Mexico manufacturing success.