Industries Served

Mexico offers unique advantages for any industry. Clients from a variety of markets have benefited from Tecma’s cost-saving shelter services.

Tap into Mexico’s diverse industrial network with a shelter partner, no matter your industry.

Regardless of your industry, the size of your company, or the level of manufacturing expertise you require, Tecma’s shelter option can provide the results you need. Whether your company has just 25 employees or 2500, you’ll find substantial cost savings of up to 50% and a smooth transition in just 30-90 days.

From basic assembly to sophisticated fabrication – no matter how demanding your specifications – your shelter partner has a skilled workforce, supplier network, and world-class facilities waiting in the wings.

  • Apparel

  • HVAC Manufacturing

  • Metal Fabrication

  • Clean Energy

  • Industrial

  • Metal Mechanics

  • Consumer Products

  • Industrial Sewing

  • Millwork

  • Cosmetics

  • IT & High-Tech

  • Retail Packaging

  • Energy and Storage

  • Machine Learning

  • Sporting Goods

  • Home Appliances

  • Machining

Helping manufacturers of every size and industry leverage Mexico’s benefits quickly and easily

  • Manufacturers that scale production up and down can do so efficiently.
  • Companies beginning a new product line can start production rapidly.
  • Producers who require short lead times can edge out their competition by weeks.
  • Small companies can have a shelter company in Mexico without the risk of a foreign subsidiary.
  • Large organizations can experiment in Mexico before committing to a standalone company.
  • Companies in highly competitive industries can cut costs by 50% over domestic competitors.