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Mexicali is known for its thriving manufacturing industry and modern infrastructure. Mexicali offers low labor costs, low turnover and resource availability, especially for companies that require natural gas for their manufacturing processes.


Mexicali Offers Low Operating Costs

Mexicali is a leading Mexican industrial city that borders the state of California. A total of 124 companies that are mainly in the medical device, aerospace, and electronics industries make up one of the strongest components of Baja California’s economic engine as it generates 80,000 jobs. Most of the companies that are manufacturing in Mexicali are based in the United States, and especially in Southern California, given its proximity to the region. The main destinations for production originating in Mexicali are the same neighboring country, in addition to Asia and Europe.


Mexicali population




Industrial parks


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Why Companies Choose to Set Up Operations in Mexicali, Baja California

The manufacturing industry in Mexicali is diverse and covers various sectors, including electronics, automotive/heavy truck, aerospace, medical devices, and more. Mexicali’s close proximity to major cities in Southern California and the rest of the southwestern United States makes it easy to access the North American market. The city also offers rail access to the United States’ national rail network. This has made it an ideal location for companies looking to establish production facilities close to the United States.

Mexicali VS Tijuana

Companies may choose Mexicali over Tijuana for several reasons, depending on their specific needs and priorities. Both cities are major industrial centers in Mexico with strong manufacturing sectors, but Mexicali has a few advantages over Tijuana:

  • Lower Cost of Living – Mexicali offers a lower cost of living than Tijuana, especially in residential real estate, which translates into lower labor expenses in some skills and positions.
  • Industrial Space Availability – Mexicali offers a generally flat geography which benefits construction times industrial space availability. This is very attractive, especially for foreign companies with large-scale production requirements.
  • Risk Diversification – Companies already present in Tijuana, often choose Mexicali to diversify their manufacturing operations and reduce the risks of relying on one

Benefits of Setting Up Manufacturing Operations in Mexicali

Mexicali Baja California has an abundant supply of water, electrical power, and a natural gas pipeline that services the needs of most of the city’s twenty-five industrial parks. This superior infrastructure and adequate supply of industrial land should help sustain the manufacturing sector’s expansion in the years to come. Setting up manufacturing operations in Mexicali can lead to cost savings, particularly in labor and production expenses compared to many other regions.

50 aerospace industry

suppliers are located in Mexicali

The majority of Mexicali’s 25

industrial parks are gated

Mexicali is home

to the Silicon Border manufacturing development

8,000 technicians and engineers

work in Mexicali aerospace

Mexicali is the best location for your manufacturing if:

  • You are looking to distribute your products to US West Coast markets.
  • Your manufacturing processes require water and natural gas resources.
  • Your company requires access to a sizeable pool of engineering talent.

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Major manufacturing
industries in Mexicali

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Electronics
  • Food Products
  • Medical Devices
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Plastics
  • Renewable Energy

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