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No matter the industry you are in, Tecma offers a location at which you can benefit from Mexico’s cost savings.

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Simplify Site Selection with Tecma

Select the right Mexico manufacturing location!

Choosing a site for manufacturing in Mexico with limited knowledge of the country can be daunting. Fortunately, our shelter service includes site selection assistance to simplify things. We’ll analyze your unique market needs to identify industry clusters, supply chain opportunities, and infrastructure requirements.

You’ll be strategically positioned to maximize Mexico’s advantages from the perfect location. Put our insider knowledge to work for you.

Jose Grajeda
Jose Grajeda

A Mexico manufacturing location for every industry

Tecma has conducted its industrial site selection process to choose safe and secure manufacturing locations that fit the needs of each of its Shelter Service clients. Each city has appropriate infrastructure in place to serve companies that seek to establish their own manufacturing facilities in Mexico.

Additionally, each of these industrial hubs offers a plentiful and able manufacturing workforce, an available inventory of world-class production space, and a strategic location from which to conduct seamless supply chain activities.

With the Tecma Shelter Services program setting up an operation in Mexico is no more complicated than setting up an identical facility just across town.

Alan Russell

Alan Russell

Tecma’s Chairman & CEO

Manufacturing sites

Modern manufacturing facilities

Tecma’s manufacturing facilities in Mexico are state-of-the-art operations located in modern and secure industrial parks. Tecma will help you find space perfectly suited to your needs.