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Moving Manufacturing from China to Mexico

Prices and instability are rising in China. Relocating operations to Mexico has never made more sense.


Find answers to questions about initiating and maintaining production facilities in Mexico.

Is it easy to set up cost-effective and low-risk operations under Tecma’s Mexico shelter services?

When you sign a contract for the provision of shelter services in Mexico with Tecma, it’s no more complex than setting up manufacturing in a familiar local environment. In addition to the cost benefits that Mexico offers companies like yours, your risk is greatly reduced because the Tecma shelter service contract is under US laws.

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What is the timeframe required to set up operations in Mexico under the shelter plan?

In most cases, you can be up and running in a 30-60-day period. Set-up time often depends upon the complexity of your operation and the time required to move machinery and equipment, as well as the extent of the modifications that are required to be made on your facility. For example, these modifications can include things such as the installation of special climate control equipment or the installation of an overhead crane.

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I’m not sure of the best place in Mexico to locate my operations. Can you help me do site selection?

Yes. We can guide you in your choice of the optimal locale in which to set-up operations. We’ll help you to maximize access to your suppliers and customers and we’ll direct you to the regions of Mexico that have the workers with skill sets that match your requirements. Although we can deliver our shelter services throughout the country, we are particularly well-positioned in Ciudad Juarez, Torreon, Tijuana, and Leon and Silao in the South-Central state of Guanajuato.

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Manufacturing in Mexico Primer in 8 E‑Books

Relocating operations to Mexico tax free is simplified with Tecma. The process typically involves only a few steps and about 30-90 days between contract signing and becoming fully operational and manufacturing in Mexico.