Main Industries Served

As a shelter company in Mexico, the Tecma Group of Companies’ business model is a flexible one.

As a shelter company in Mexico, the Tecma Group of Companies’ business model is a flexible one.

In addition, to being applicable to companies of varying sizes in a diversity of industries, it is portable to and replicable in geographies that suit the unique needs and demands of specific manufacturers.

This mode of manufacturing in Mexico, unlike that of a contract manufacturing services provider agreement, involves a “hands-on” role in the manufacturing processes involved in producing any goods. While manufacturers manufacture, the shelter company in Mexico typically provides services that address the human, legal and physical infrastructure that must be in place to execute manufacturing operations in a desired location.

The services that Shelter companies perform for those companies that are manufacturering in Mexico occupy the non-value added side of the ledger. This would include all activities associated with the human resource function of an operation that would include: the preparation of payroll and payment of worker benefits in Mexico, the execution of transportation, logistics and Customs activities required to move raw materials, components, machinery and finished products to and from the United States and Mexico, the provision of physical space in which to conduct operations and the actions required to make sure that its clients are in compliance with Mexican fiscal, environmental, Customs and other applicable laws and requirements. As a result of the nature of the tasks performed, a shelter company in Mexico is suited to provide the aforementioned support services to companies ranging from textile manufacturers to firms that machine precision components that may be incorporated into aerospace and medical device products.

Main Industries Served by Tecma’s Shelter Services

Although, as a shelter company in Mexico, The Tecma Group of Companies has a diverse range of manufacturing companies as clients such as reverse logistics and repair service providers, firms involved in aftermarket activities, store fixture and display producers and telecommunications products manufacturers, the main industrial groupings to which Tecma offers its services to are, but not limited to, manufacturing companies in the:

As a shelter company in Mexico, the Tecma Group has put the cost and other advantages of near shore manufacturing in Mexico within easy reach of companies of all sizes and varied industries for nearly three decades.

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