Mexico Facilities Management


  • Energy savings assessments
  • Improvements supervision
  • Facility and equipment layout consulting
  • Janitorial and pest control services

Jose Grajeda

Vice President of Operations

Mexico facilities management services that keep your maquiladora plant up and running

Mexico facilities management performed competently and professionally is absolutely essential to providing a quality working environment for maquiladora factory personnel. This is crucial to achieving Mexico manufacturing success. Maintaining a quality workplace can:

  • induce productivity gains in the workforce

  • improve employee satisfaction

  • boost retention and attraction of quality staff

mexico facilities management

Without the right Mexican facilities management, cared for and maintained in the right manner, production cannot rise to the levels of quality demanded in an increasingly competitive global marketplace. Tecma takes a collaborative view of this service area. In order to define a quality work environment, input is solicited from clients and potential clients so that Mexico facilities management services can be performed in a manner that meets their requirements.

The Tecma Group of Companies provides the full gamut of  trusted facilities management services under its Mexico Shelter Manufacturing Partnership (MSMP) business model, and strives to perform facilities related tasks in a way that utilizes time in an efficient and effective manner, meets needs and accomplishes objectives at reasonable costs and meets superior quality standards.

Manufacturers in Mexico trust Tecma to provide quality service by:

  • Assisting in the management of construction for clients that will occupy build-to-suit Mexican industrial facilities.

  • Aiding in the development of facility and equipment lay out.

  • Preparing optimized facilities maintenance budgets

  • Making and supervising Mexican industrial facilities improvements

  • Developing and implementing energy savings programs

  • Providing sanitary supplies needed to maintain a quality work environment for staff

  • Delivering janitorial and pest control services

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