Mexico Vendor Management


  • Negotiate favorable pricing
  • Pass along cost savings
  • Research and evaluate suppliers
  • Identify new and better sources

Arturo Alvidrez

Warehouse Supervisor

Mexico Vendor Management-Key Shelter Service by Tecma

Mexico vendor management as provided to shelter clients by Tecma can substantially reduce costs of sourcing supplies (MRO).  Knowing where to purchase the best materials, components, supplies, etc. in Mexico is another factor to consider in one’s decision to ‘go it alone’ in Mexico.  We all have experienced that feeling of inadequacies when in a foreign country.  How can we trust?  Are they telling us the truth?  Are they taking advantage of me because of ignorance?  How do I know that I got a fair price for the product or service I just acquired?

Mexico vendor management and procurement services provided by trusted Tecma professionals provides the right products from reliable sources.

Mexico vendor management and procurement services under the Tecma Group of Companies’ Mexico Shelter Manufacturing Partnership (MSMP) concentrates on the acquisition of the right goods and/or services, at the right price and quantity at a superior level of quality.

Mexico Vendor Management

The service provided by Tecma may be comprised of a simple repeat purchase, or may involve into finding long term partners with whom to establish relations from the U.S., Europe, the Far East, or other parts of the world.

Because Tecma procures many items that are consumed by a number of its client firms on a regular basis, the Mexico vendor management and procurement staff has the advantage of being able to negotiate favorable pricing that is reflective of this fact. After making such purchases Tecma is then able to pass savings along to the companies manufacturing in Mexico under the MSMP business model.

Because the personnel of Tecma’s Mexico vendor management and procurement team have wide experience in serving a diversity of manufacturers in Mexico over a long period of time, they have become adept at finding reliable suppliers of goods and services of all kinds that provide quality product which is delivered on time. On behalf of its client base Tecma, researches, evaluates and selects suppliers of goods and services applying an approval process to new Mexico suppliers before entering them into the Tecma ERP system which manages the purchasing process by:

1. Soliciting quotes

2. Negotiating prices, payment and delivery terms

3. Generating purchase orders and enters them into the Tecma ERP system

4. Confirming receipt of items from suppliers

5. Taking and fulfilling expedited and emergency order requests from Mexico manufacturing client companies

6. Managing contracts

7. Looking on a continuous basis for new and better source of goods and services.

Mexico vendor management and procurement services as provided by seasoned professionals alleviates the need for companies that are manufacturing in Mexico to distract their attention to their strategic and core value-added functions.

Contact us with your questions related to Mexico vendor management and procurement services offered by the Tecma Group of Companies.

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