Logistics Management Services

Elective Part of Shelter Program

A Shelter is a legal and logistical solution that allows the manufacturers to benefit from Mexico’s cost-saving opportunities. The services provided as part of the Tecma Shelter:

Effective and successful logistics management for manufacturers in Mexico reduces the cost of keeping an inventory, minimizes damaged goods, and guarantees reliable and timely delivery of products to your customers.

Increasing overall supply chain efficiency

Miriam Baca Kotkowski
President of Tecma Transportation

We have been successful in efficiently supporting a diversity of manufacturers in Mexico for more than thirty years.

Our customers benefit from a robust logistics management service that includes inbound and outbound transportation and fleet management, warehouse management, package information processing, inventory planning, and storage handling. We also coordinate third-party (3PL) services. By joining us, your company will use its resources wisely and benefit from our experience and know-how.

  • Door to door logistics management

    Our integrated Mexico logistics management service for manufacturers ensures the direct transport and flow of your goods to and from their destination. We consistently achieve minimum interruptions and delays, as well as reduce risks of damage from improper handling.

  • Accurate inventory maintenance

    Benefit from an automated and software-based management system that makes the task of handling and tracking inventory easier and simpler. With our service, you will benefit from improved data visibility and an ability to improve the entire inventory planning process.

  • State-of-the-art warehouse management

    A comprehensive and advanced Warehouse Management System (WMS) helps you to gain complete control over your warehousing and distribution processes to eliminate errors, save valuable resources, and deliver the right item to the right place at the right time.

  • Detailed reporting

    Effective logistics management in Mexico requires visibility. Tecma delivery status reports help you to analyze the progress of all your goods in transit across a given time frame. Our tracking system flags deliveries that need your attention with real-time issue reports.

Elective Part of Shelter Program

A Shelter is a legal and logistical solution that allows the manufacturers to benefit from Mexico’s cost-saving opportunities. The services provided as part of the Tecma Shelter:

Tecma provides a complete and professional logistics management solution for manufacturers

Physical count verification

Tecma logistics management staff personnel perform the especially important task of verifying that the product counts recorded in our computerized inventory system match your physical inventory. Doing so eliminates potential discrepancies and costly fines.

Additional space procurement

Sometimes the storage space requirements of an individual customer exceed available in-house inventory. In the rare event that such instances occur, logistics services for our customers include assistance in procuring additional third-party warehousing solutions that will meet your specific needs.

Customized pick and pack

Pick and pack services offered by Tecma are comprised of processing either small or large quantities of product. Our accurate service picks the relevant items for each designated destination and then packs them with shipping labels affixed and invoices included.

Pre-shipment goods inspection

Our pre-shipment inspection service reduces the risk that you and your customers will receive poor-quality and non-compliant goods. Discovering subpar products prior to shipment will enable you to save the time and money related to processing, correcting, and re-shipping returns.

Kitting and light assembly services

Tecma saves you the time and effort required to conduct kitting and light assembly services. You specify customer orders and we fulfill them by pre-assembling individual items into kits that we ship according to your instructions. We shrink-wrap too.

Cost-cutting consultations

We employ our in-depth knowledge of Mexico logistics and transportation costs to benefit you and your company. At your request, we will meet with you in order to guide you in the execution of optimally priced purchase decisions.

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We can help with logistics management, site selection, and more.

Just what is a Mexican Shelter for Manufacturers?


Perhaps you have a robust manufacturing operation in the US, but want to move manufacturing to Mexico to reduce costs. Opening a factory in a foreign country is layered in bureaucratic complexities, liabilities, and logistics hassle.

A shelter is a legal structure already established in Mexico under which you can operate as a division. This allows you to focus only on core functions while the shelter company handles everything from tax compliance to import/export to accounting and HR.

Find out how Mexican Shelter reduces your manufacturing costs