Manufacturers that have achieved certified exemption of payment of the IVA and IEPS taxes must make monthly Mexican inventory reports in order to maintain tax treatment of temporary imports. Today is the deadline for the submission of the first monthly report.

Mexico’s Tax Administration Service recently announced that today, January 30, 2015 is the day upon which companies that qualified for certification for the value-added (IVA) and IEPS tax exemptions must turn in their maquiladora inventory reports. The information provided in submissions to the SAT must demonstrate Mexican inventory that has been imported into the country, which had not been exported as of December 31, 2014.

Starting this month IMMEX companies, or maquiladoras, that must report their Mexican inventory on a monthly basis have the obligation of uploading their data to the Sistema de Control de Cuentas de Garantias, or, in English, the Control System for Account Guarantees. The SAT will monitor this information for the purposes of determining the percentage of a company’s Mexican inventory that has received exemption from IVA, due to its temporary import status, and IEPS remains in the country. Under the present system of rules governing the Mexican VAT and IEPS, the regime of monthly reporting for duly certified companies became obligatory as of this past January 1.

Although tax authorities have announced that the uploading of information is permitted on any day prior to the thirtieth of each month, going forward, in order to facilitate the process of the administration of the IMMEX tax exemption program, the suggested days of the each month for submitting Mexican inventory information according to alphabetical order are:

  • A to F from the twenty-second to the twenty-fourth
  • G to O from the twenty-fifth to the twenty-seventh
  • P to Z from the twenty-eighth to the thirtieth

As previously mentioned first upload of Mexican inventory data from IMMEX certification beneficiaries will consist of imported items (raw material and fixed assets) that were remaining in plants as of December 31, 2014. Information on all items imported after January 1, and throughout the year, must be uploaded, as well. It is the responsibility of the IMMEX company to make regular, monthly reports in order to comply with the terms of their certification for exemption of the IVA and IEPS.