NAFTA Facts Reveal Stunning Truths

For the past six presidential campaigns candidates took turns at blaming NAFTA for economic and job issues in the United States.  NAFTA has been an easy target as there is no singular body that can effectively speak for NAFTA while such attacks continued. Our most recent presidential election has been no exception to these politically expedient attacks. NAFTA Facts are now surfacing to counter misinformation being circulated.

Academic America has been awakened and is now stepping forth with dozens of news pieces on radio, television and the press refuting claims that NAFTA is at fault when the facts reveal it is not.

CNBC just published this video on that graphically sets forth interesting facts about NAFTA.  We thought our readers would enjoy viewing this video.

Exploration of NAFTA Facts uncovers that the singular largest loss of US manufacturing jobs has been attributable to automation, technology and robotics.  When one views the Detroit automobile assembly lines of the 60’s and compares them to today’s fully automated robotic assembly lines it becomes painfully evident that 90% of the human workers are no longer there.

It’s easy to point fingers at Mexico but the facts are that Mexico did not come to the US looking to steal US jobs.  The fingers really point back at the US where excess taxation, over regulation, severe environmental issues, US court systems, increasing union demands and an increasing lack of qualified employees drove US manufacturing to China and Mexico.

China was admitted to the World Trade Organization in 2001 which opened a floodgate of corporate movements to China. Interestingly, NAFTA was implemented in 1994 and movement of jobs from the US was relatively stagnant until China was admitted to the World Trade Organization. Intense competition ensued as corporate CEO’s jockeyed for lower costs.  You see, US corporations that did not make such a move were threatened with loss of competitive positioning due to their higher costs; in hundreds of cases the flight to China was for financial survival.

Can we blame Mexico?  Mexico didn’t ask for any of this but is now emerging as the best choice for US manufacturers due to proximity of the border, costs now being less than Asia, supply chain management and allowing executives to oversee operations without twelve hour, sleep stealing travel.

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