Director of International Business Development

Peter Woo

Peter Woo’s expertise in developing and managing company organizations throughout Asia completes Tecma’s Shelter Services package for companies moving from Asia to Mexico.

Peter Woo is a global citizen born in Shanghai, raised in Hong Kong, and educated in the United States. He graduated from the American Graduate School of International Management at Arizona State University in Phoenix, Arizona. Having worked in multiple international regions, he has acquired extensive global business experience in marketing and operations.

After a successful career with a US industrial chemical company working in the Caribbean, Pacific Region, Taiwan, and China, he returned to the United States to join Foxconn in 1998. Mr. Woo was responsible for initiating and, along with a core team of executives, growing a world-class computer account which later became one of Foxconn’s largest customers.

Recently he has joined The Tecma Group of Companies to assist with developing international markets for Tecma Shelter Services.

Mr. Woo has been organizing conferences and visits of global manufacturing companies to promote his vision of the US and Mexico Border Region becoming a global manufacturing and logistics hub.

Tecma’s services are flexible, in that they can be configured to meet individual client needs, as well as to accommodate manufacturers of all sizes.