Tom St. John President of AMCOR Service Solutions

“We are not Tecma's largest customer, but we feel that they treat us as though we are.”
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Howard Grider Chief Financial Officer of Covercraft Industries

“Tecma takes care of everything for us on the business side of things.”
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Lora Givler Vice president of Operations of Portage Electric Inc.

“We chose Tecma because the company offers services that provide what we needed to begin and support an ongoing Mexican manufacturing operation.”
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Matt Meyer Vice director of Operations at Visual Merchandising, Inc.

“Since we began with Tecma in Mexico, we have been able to maintain a competitive advantage over others in our market that moved operations to China.”
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Michael McVey Vice President of CIVCO Medical Solutions

“Tecma's knowledge of Ciudad Juarez for site selection relative to labor availability, security and cost-effectiveness was outstanding.”
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Shawn Thompson President MC Electronics

“I can definitely say that over the course of the last six years that we have been down here, MC Electronics probably would not be as far along as we are without Tecma's help.”
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David Anderson CEO ExpressPoint

“We selected Tecma primarily, because of Tecma's unique relationship that they have with their employees,the lowest turnover of employees of all shelter service providers.”
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Tecma Testimonials

The Tecma Group of Companies is based in El Paso, Texas and has been helping manufacturers to start-up and maintain on-going Mexican production operations for nearly three decades. Tecma believes the sales of its services are best made by satisfied customers. Take some time in this section of the Tecma Group of Companies' website to listen to what they have to say.

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