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We streamline manufacturing services in Mexico for global companies through shelter services.

A game-changer for International companies seeking to expand to Mexico.

Mexico’s Shelter program is a gateway to success for foreign companies seeking to expand their horizons. As a shelter service provider, we eliminate the regulatory and cultural complexities associated with conducting business in Mexico. The Shelter Program simplifies the process for foreign companies entering Mexico by creating a foreign subsidiary.This initiative expedites the start of operations, utilizing a maquiladora program for a seamless transition. Say goodbye to concerns about import/export, personnel management, tax implications, or supply chain issues. Your primary focus can now be directed towards achieving your production goals, while we handle the operational intricacies.

What is shelter manufacturing?

Also known as shelter services, allows foreign companies to manufacture in Mexico through a maquiladora program.

Who is shelter for?

Manufacturers, large or small, seeking to maximize the benefits of manufacturing in Mexico.

What do you get?

Lower labor costs, reduced operation costs, access to skilled workforce, and peace of mind.

Shelter Services for Manufacturers

The Shelter Program provides an array of services and benefits to companies seeking to set up manufacturing operations in Mexico. How? You provide your raw materials, machinery, and manufacturing know-how, while Tecma handles all the intricacies of doing business in Mexico.

Tecma provides

  • Full Service Human Resources and Payroll services

  • Federal, State and City government compliance

  • Site Selection Service

  • Federal, State and City tax accounting


  • Complete Logistics management

  • Transportation Services

  • Import and Export management

  • Environmental, Health and Safety management

Strategically located across Mexico

No matter the industry you are in, Tecma offers a location at which you can benefit from Mexico’s cost savings.

Benefits of Manufacturing in Mexico

Ernesto Bravo

Ernesto Bravo
President of Tecma West

Maximize cost savings, minimize production risks, and take advantage of government incentives.

The benefits of manufacturing in Mexico enable foreign manufacturers to achieve dramatic cost savings. Offshoring comes with its own drawbacks. But doing business in Mexico means reliable infrastructure, shorter lead times, highly skilled labor – all at costs ranging from 50-70% lower than in the US.

  • Specialized and Skilled Workforce

    Mexico’s many universities and technical schools graduate more engineers per year than in the US. Trade-specific skills development is a top priority in Mexico, and industry clusters often partner with academia to create training programs specifically to suit manufacturing needs.

  • Minimized Risk

    We provide a safe haven to our clients, managing all bureaucratic considerations and legal obligations, such as permits, regulatory compliance, import/export processes, labor relations, and accounting.

  • Proximity to US

    Just south of the border and strategically located across Mexico, you’ll be positioned to fully maximize Mexico’s advantages and conduct seamless supply chain activities.

  • Low Labor Costs

    Labor costs in Mexico are approximately 70% lower than in the US. Even Chinese manufacturing labor now costs on average the same or more than Mexican skilled labor.

The IMMEX / Maquiladora Program – Start Operations in Mexico

Foreign companies can fully operate in Mexico through the IMMEX/Maquiladora program. A maquiladora, also known as an IMMEX operation, refers to a Mexican manufacturing entity entirely owned by a foreign parent company. The IMMEX/Maquiladora program in Mexico facilitates collaboration between foreign companies and local entities or third parties. These partnerships offer labor, legal structures, and manufacturing process supervision at significantly reduced expenses compared to those in the foreign companies’ home countries, like the United States. As a shelter service provider, Tecma helps foreign companies and manufacturers navigate the process and allows them to take full advantage of all of the benefits of the IMMEX/Maquiladora Program.

What do you need to Start a Shelter Operation in Mexico?

Setting up manufacturing operations in Mexico is simplified with Tecma.
The process typically involves only a few steps and about 30-90 days between contract signing and becoming fully operational and manufacturing in Mexico.

Learn how simple Mexico shelter manufacturing can be

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