Mexico is already an emerging economy of choice when it comes to manufacturing in general, and aerospace manufacturing specifically. To some extent this state affairs is attributable to its globally competitive wage structure, but increasingly other important factors have come into play. Political reforms have boosted infrastructure, liberalized hiring regulations, and incentivized foreign direct investment. Since the beginning of the last decaade, the aerospace industry has particularly blossomed south of the border – with approximately 300 aerospace factories now in Mexico, many of make thier homes in the border state of Chihuahua. The aerospace industry in Chihuahua represents one of the sector’s largest clusters in the entirety of nation.


Chihuahua is one of the epicenters of the aerospace manufacturing sector in Mexico. Many indicators point to further expansion and growth in this market during 2015, as well as in years to come. Last year alone, some 2,000 new aerospace-sector jobs were created in the aerospace industry in Chihuahua due to its infrastructure, emphasis on educating its large labor pool, and on the targeting of this booming industry by Chihuahua’s aerospace development initiative. The entity is home to five major global OEMs: Cessna, Bell Helicopter, Beachcraft, Honeywell, and a commercial alliance between Zodiac and Embraer (EZ Air).

In addition to this strong base, Chihuahua looks poised to add to its status as an aviation stronghold in 2015. As new investors are beginning to commit actual resources to the region and old industry leaders seek to strengthen their holdings there, the investment continues to flow in. Chihuahua already has 11 major aerospace suitors looking to open new projects in the state, representing the potential for at least $230 million in additional capital investment,  and another 2,000 manufacturing and manufacturing-related postions.


Foreign investors like what they see in Chihuahua going into 2015, including the vast operations already underway and the extensive capacity for specialized functions focused on aeronautics, including:

  • Aerostructure & aeroparts assembly for aircrafts and helicopters: cabins, fuselages, and wings
  • High precision CNC machining for turbines and aeroparts
  • Wire harnessing for commercial, business, and military crafts
  • Aircraft seats fabrication
  • Emergency systems
  • Special processes
  • Engineering and design

Academic infrastructure

No global industry leader would consider Chihuahua in 2015 if it didn’t see not only a well-trained, high-skilled workforce already in place, but also systems in place to continue training new generations of cutting-edge technicians and engineers. What investors see when they look into Chihuahua’s education infrastructure includes:

  • 7 Public universities
  • 8 private universities
  • 4 technical schools
  • 3,000 engineers and 1,500 technicians graduate on average each year
  • A high-technology training center: tailored programs for manufacturing processes
  • An R&D center in advanced materials and nanotechnology: CIMAV

World-Class Specialized Labor

It is through such training programs and focus that the region boasts such a labor force of skilled professionals capable in so many specialties and functions, including:

  • High precision CNC machining
  • High precision welding
  • Wire harnessing for automotive and aerospace industries
  • Assemblies and sub-assemblies
  • Engineering & design: CATIA & Unigraphics