Major Mexican manufacturing industries are the biggest drivers of Baja California economic growth

The Tecma Group of Companies recently began to offer its Mexico Shelter Manufacturing Partnership (MSMP) program services in Rosarito, Baja California. Doing so was the conscious result of placing an intelligent bet on future Baja California economic growth, and the realization that the State is a great place to further expand its manufacturing client base.

Cities like Tijuana, Mexicali, Tecate and Rosarito are perfectly situated to conveniently service the large and lucrative markets located on the West Coast of the United States and Canada.

Transportation infrastructure in the State is excellent. A modern network of four lane highways connects the cities within which ninety-two percent of the the population of Baja California resides. In addition to excellent intrastate and crossborder highway connectivity, highly developed railroad freight service is available in two areas. Rail service between Mexicali and Calexico, California and Tijuana and Tecate, links Mexican rail to major North American transportation networks. Additonally, Baja California economic growth is further bolstered by a modern infrastructure that consists of three international airports and five seaports. In particular, the Port of Ensenada is a significant conduit for two way Pacific Basin trade.

Baja California economic growth is also the result of the significant base of manufacturers that do business within its borders. The State is one of the entities that is forging a propsperous path forward in the country’s steadily growing and technologically advancing aerospace industry. Approximately twenty-five percent, or one out of four, of Mexico’s approximately two hundred and seventy aerospace companies are located in Mexico’s westernmost state. As a subset of the aerospace industry, Baja California economic growth is also significantly influenced in a positive way by the fact that it houses the largest concentration of defense-related manufacturing activities in Mexico. Aerospace capabilities that are concentrated mostly in Tijuana and Mexicali include: hydraulic systems and precision machining, interiors and electrical power systems, as well as metal plate fabrication and conformation processes. Baja California also counts firms engaged in aircraft MRO activities among its significant employers.

Another noteworthy driver of Baja California economic growth in the area of manufacturing is its expansive medical device industry. According to the Tijuana Economic Development Council, medical device manufacturers in the State number at sixty-five, and, collectively, employ approximately forty thousand Baja Californians.  Sixty percent of medical device manufacturing activity is located in the City of Tijuana. Among the world class device makers that drive Baja California economic growth in this industry are: Smiths and Sunrise Medical, Flextronics, Teleflex Medical, Medtronic, Fisher-Paykel Healthcare, Nypro, Carefusion and others.

Baja California economic growth is also powered by the manufacturing and packaging of electrical products such as cell phones, tablet computers and flat screen TVs. Additionally, companies located in the state produce microchips, semi-conductor and marine sonar electronics technology. Employment in the the technology sector of the economy of the entity is approximately 100,000 direct labor workers. Companies that are interested in the State now have the option of establishing and maintaining operations there via Tecma Group MSMP business model.