Although diverse in nature, Baja California economic development is driven by manufacturing.

The Secretary of Economic Development of the State of Baja California, Carlo Humberto Bonfante, recently recorded an informational audio podcast with the Tecma Group of Companies.

During the conversation, the top economic development official explained Baja California economic development in terms of its drivers and scope.

According to Bonfante, “the main motor of Baja California economic development is its manufacturing sector.” Major industries in the State include globally recognized production capabilities in the aerospace, automotive, electronics and medical device industries. ” Although manufacturing is the source of twenty percent of Baja California’s GDP, and is the main driver of our growth, other contributors to Baja California economic development are alternative energy, agriculture and agro-industry, as well as tourism and medical tourism,” he went on to explain. In national terms Baja California industries produce twelve percent of Mexico’s exported manufactured goods.

During the podcast, Tecma’s guest went on to point out that Baja California economic development is concentrated in several geographic areas. The cities of Tijuana, Tecate, Mexicali, Ensenada and Rosarito all offer features and benefits that will appeal to foreign investment. In recent years, significant expenditures have been made to upgrade logistics capabilities between these cities and the rest of the world in the form of highway and airport improvements, as well as the upgrade of seaports and facilities for shipping by rail. The Tecma Talk podcast with Secetary Carlo Bonfante is a must listen for companies that are seeking information on Baja California economic development, and investment opportunities in one of Mexico’s most economically diverse states. Further information can be accessed at the Invest in Baja website.

The Tecma Group of Companies, Inc., headquartered in El Paso, Texas provides services that have enabled firms from a wide range of industries to establish and maintain Mexican manufacturing operations for almost three decades. Under its Tecma Mexico Shelter Model (TMSM) companies control and focus on their core, value-added functions, while Tecma tends to their human resource, payroll, accounting, logistics, and other needs that, although important, are not part of the manufacturing process. Receive information on recently opened Tecma Group operations in Baja California by contacting the company.

Photo:  Baja California Industrial Development Commission