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Civco Medical Solutions in Ciudad Juarez

Civco Medical Solutions in Ciudad Juarez

Michael McVey
Vice President of Manufacturing
Civco Medical Solutions

When Civco Medical Solutions first considered establishing a manufacturing facility in Mexico, we were not experts in the requirements of operating here. We knew that we needed a partner that could help us to make critical decisions, to ensure a successful start-up and that our business model was accurate.

From the very beginning, Tecma provided Civco Medical Soluitons required expertise in helping us to develop a realistic project plan, establishing critical milestones and identifying key resources from both organizations. We had an agressive and needed a plan that didn’t put our business, or our customers, at risk. From this plan, some of the key areas in which we relied on Tecma’s expertise to do included: A hiring process that could identify qualified candidates quickly and efficiently, so that we could build a great team.

Tecma’s knowledge of Ciudad Juarez for site selection relative to labor availability, security and cost-effectiveness was outstanding. Tecma also provided Civco Medical Solutions a full range of logistics expertise that included customs and sourcing. This proved to be one of the most critical elements for such a fast-paced, demanding project. Without accurate information and timely decisions, we put our business at risk. Tecma supported us all the way. This has been a very successful start-up, not without challenges. There are always issues over which none of us has complete control of, and, while we know tht Tecma is our partner, They worked with us as if they were a part of our company. We know that we cannot have not achieved this without them, and we look forward to growing our businesses together.


Civco was founded in 1981, and, for more than 30 years, has been committed to positively impacting patient care through design, manufacturing and marketing of specialty products and services for the medical community. The company’s Multi-Modality Imaging (MMI) and Radiation Oncology business units offer a broad range of solutions and products for radiology, regional anesthesia, vascular access, men’s and women’s health, cardiology, radiation oncology, surgery and critical care.

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