David Anderson
CEO and Majority Owner
ExpressPoint Technology Services

I’m David Anderson,CEO and majority owner of ExpressPoint Technology Services. ExpressPoint is a leading supplier of industry supply chain services serving the largest OEM companies in the IT industry. ExpressPoint and Tecma have a long-term, strategic relationship. Nine years ago, we were approached by our largest customer to establish a maquiladora solution on the Texas-Mexico border. We literally bet the future of our company on the success of this solution. We conducted a comprehensive search of shelter service providers along the Texas-Mexico border.

We selected Tecma primarily, because of Tecma’s unique relationship that they have with their employees,the lowest turnover of employees of all shelter service providers. Tecma administers to the needs of its employees, and considers all of them to be family members. Tecma also provides the broadest range of comprehensive services that are critical to the success our maquiladora operation. Tecma provides us with our workforces, import and export and tech support, handles all government government regulations compliance, provides facility services and logistics support.

Our repair, distribution and depot center in El Paso has grown over the years, and continues to expand. Tecma provides us with the workforce flexibility that has accommodated changes in our business over the years. Our managment team, led by Rafael Contreras, has with us since ExpressPoint Technology Services established its Mexican operations nine years ago. We have seen consistent dedication to innovation, quality, delivery performance, continuous improvement and cost management. This team has met every business challenge that ExpressPoint Technology Services has faced. This year we will experience significant growth in 2015 from current and new customers. It was the strength of our ExpressPoint-Tecma solution that brought about this great growth.

I take great pride in our Mexican operations and thank Tecma for the role and services that they provide in our business success. I look forward to our continued, long-term relationship for many years to come. If you have the opportunity to visit us, please do so. I would be delighted to see first hand what we have built over the years.