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Mexico IT support services Benefit Tecma Group of Companies’ Clients

Mexico IT support services Benefit Tecma Group of Companies’ Clients

Mario Rayos and Carlos Ortiz of the Tecma Group of Companies outline the Mexico IT support services that are available to manufacturers who operate in under Tecma’s Mexico Shelter Manufacturing Partnership (MSMP).

Mario Rayos: my name is Mario Rayos. I am the IT manager of the Tecma Group of Companies in Ciudad Juarez. The Mexico IT support services that we provide is for both internal and external customers. We provide service at the various stages of the technology life-cycle.

Carlos Ortiz: Hello. My name is Carlos Ortiz and I also work to provide Mexico IT support services to Tecma customers. The services that we provide cover several stages of the technology life-cycle such as: acquisition, procurement and technical design, as well as deployment, configuration, on-site IT support in Mexico and project management. We offer a help desk telephone, or one on one support.

The Tecma Group of companies’ Mexico IT support services also takes care of warranties and repairs of equipment, as well as asset retirement and technology disposal. We perform these services guided by our department’s values of confidentiality, fast response and professionalism.

Photo credit: Hector Lazo

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