Chrysler, as is the case with other major U.S. and foreign automotive manufacturers, is increasing the portfolio of its investments in Mexico.

Two manufacturing plants in the country will receive combined capital infusions of one billion plus dollars to crank out more engines and commercial use vans The combined boost in Mexican employment that these two projects will generate will result in the creation of 1,570 new jobs.

One of the recipient sites of this automotive investment in Mexico is a new van manufacturing facility in the Mexican North Central City of Saltillo on October 10, 2013. The CEO of Chrysler, Sergio Marchionne, was present for the factory’s inauguration. The plant began the manufacture of ProMaster vans there during the month of July.

In addition to ProMaster vans, the Saltillo plant will also begin marking the company’s four-cylinder Tigershark engine at the beginning of 2014. Those engines will be incorporated into the Chrysler’s Dodge Dart, as well as its Jeep Cherokee SUV.

Chrysler’s presence in Mexico has been long established. The company first established there in 1938, when it began to sell its products into the country’s market.  It began manufacturing in Mexico later.

In 2006 it produced its one millionth PT Cruiser at the Toluca plant, while its Saltillo assembly plant was awarded Bronze Star status in recognition of the world-class quality of its manufacturing in 2012.

Automotive investments in Mexico have been significant in the last two years, during which Mexico has positioned itself among the world’s top ten passenger and light vehicle producing countries.

The full original article can be read at the Detroit Free Press.