manufacturing in San Luis Potosi
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The ten largest companies that are manufacturing in San Luis Potosí

manufacturing in San Luis Potosi

General Motors and Mabe are the transnationals that lead the list of companies that are manufacturing in San Luis.  Together they employ approximately 12,261 workers.

The Covid-19 pandemic wreaked havoc on the world’s economy; In Mexico, the number of formal jobs fell drastically as of March 2020.  During the coronavirus health emergency, almost 12 million jobs were lost.

However, manufacturing in San Luis Potosi was successful in preserving jobs because foreign investors continued to contribute capital to their companies in the state.

According to statistics from the Mexican Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, the ten largest companies that are manufacturing in San Luis Potosi are examined on the list that follows:

  1. General Motors de México, SA de CV

This company is the Mexican subsidiary of the American automobile manufacturer, General Motors. The company has 85 years’ operating in Mexico and 12 years of manufacturing in San Luis Potosi.

GM currently has four manufacturing complexes in Mexico in which automobiles and components such as transmissions and engines are assembled for domestic consumption and export. As a result, it belongs occupies a prominent position in one of the state’s fastest-growing industries.

During the third quarter of 2020, the transnational employed about 6,144 workers.  General Motors ranks number one on the list of companies that employ the most significant number of people in San Luis Potosí.

  1. Mabe SA de CV

Mabe’s history of manufacturing in San Luis Potosí dates back to 1987.  This was the year in which the company established a strategic alliance with General Electric to generate products exported to the United States market.  The company is dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of household appliances and is a leading producer of kitchen appliances worldwide.  

As of October 2020, Mabe SA de CV in San Luis Potosí employed a total of 6,117 workers in San Luis Potosi,

  1. Draexlmaier Components Automotive de México S. de RL

Draexlmaier is an international supplier to the automotive industry that has more than 60 plants around the world. Operating in North America since 1976, this family-owned business manufactures automotive interior systems, harnesses, electrical management systems, and plastic components for automotive manufacturers worldwide.

Its manufacturing facility in San Luis Potosi plant employs more than 5,200 individuals.

  1. Robert Bosch México Sistemas Automotrices SA de CV

Robert Bosch was founded in 1886 in Stuttgart by Robert Bosch (1861–1942) under the name “Workshop of Precision Mechanics and Electrical Engineering.”  It engages in the production and assembly in automotive technology areas and has a manufacturing facility in San Luis Potosi.

In Mexico, Robert Bosch reports that it employs 12,845 in producing automotive technologies and power tools.   In addition to its San Luis Potosi operations, it operated manufacturing plants in the cities of Aguascalientes, Ciudad Juárez, Guadalajara, Hermosillo, Mexicali, Mexico, and Toluca.  

In 2016, the company invested US $100 million to expand its plants in Aguascalientes and San Luis Potosi that specialize in manufacturing components for fuel systems and control systems. As a result, growth in both areas has been exponential in recent years.

As of the end of the third quarter of 2020, Bosh maintained a workforce of 3,351 in the entity

  1. Cummins Grupo Industrial S. de RL de CV

Cummins is a US corporation that designs, manufactures, distributes, builds, and services diesel engines and their related systems.  They include fuel components and controls, commercial refrigeration and handling, filtration, emission control, and electricity systems.

Cummins began manufacturing in San Luis Potosi on November 28, 2007, with an initial investment of US $6.4 million. In 2020, the company reported a total of 3,293 workers in its ranks.

  1. BMW SLP SA de CV

The BMW manufacturing plant in San Luis Potosí began production in June 2019.  The facility soon set a very high level of productivity compared to BMW Group manufacturing plants around the world. Furthermore, innovative digitization technologies and the achievement of high-quality standards differentiate the San Luis Potosí plant from others in BMW‘s global production network.

With more than US $1 billion investment, the plant produces more than 175,000 vehicles per year. In addition, it employs more than 2,500 people who contribute to the implementation of the most efficient production processes.

In 2020 BMW in San Luis Potosi had 2,990 employees.  In less than two years, the company has become one of the city’s top 10 employers.

  1.  Magna Automotive Systems SA de CV

Magna is a company located in the municipality of Villa de Reyes and is dedicated mainly to the manufacture of bodies and trailers. Its main clients are the BMW and Mercedes-Benz.  It has operated in the San Luis Potosi since 2018,

Currently, the company generates 2,740 formal jobs in the state.  It ranks 7th in terms of the total number of workers employed in manufacturing in San Luis Potosi.

  1. Valeo Sistemas Eléctricos SA de CV

The company arrived in San Luis Potosi in 1990.   Subsequent to that year, it expanded into the states of Chihuahua, Tamaulipas, Querétaro, Toluca and CDMX. The factory is dedicated to producing windshields, transmissions, lighting systems, and vehicle cooling systems.

In 2020 the company reported a workforce of 2,499 workers.

  1. Midori Auto Leather Mexicana SA de CV

This manufacturer is a Japanese company dedicated to cutting leather for car seats.  Among its main customers are Nissan, Mazda, Toyota, and Honda.

The inauguration of the plant in San Luis Potosí instantly generated 1,100 new jobs; It is located within the WTC industrial park.   By 2018. Midori Auto Leather was operating two manufacturing plants with 2,100.  By October 2020, the company employed a total of 2,372 production workers.

  1. Grupo Avellaneda SA de CV

This organization is mainly dedicated to producing and distributing gases, lubricants, and fuels for the automotive industry.  In 2020, the company ranked 10th in the employment of workers manufacturing in San Luis Potosi.  Its payroll was made up of a total of 2,295 direct labor positions.


Ernesto Bravo

President of Tecma West


Ernesto Bravo

President of Tecma West

Raised in the Mexico Shelter Services industry, Ernesto is the President of Tecma West, a division of the Tecma Group of Companies.