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Meet the Tecma Tijuana managerial team

Meet the Tecma Tijuana managerial team

With the Tecma Group of Companies’ purchase of Made in Mexico, Inc. comes the acquisition of a great depth of Tecma Tijuana managerial talent.

This month, the San Diego, California-based, Made in Mexico, Inc. became a part of the Tecma Group of Companies. The inclusion of Made in Mexico under the Tecma umbrella will bring value to the marketplace of manufacturing company consumers that are seeking to source quality manufacturing support, or “shelter,” services in the maquiladora industry, as well as to the now unified business entities.

Both Tecma and Made in Mexico each have approximately three decades history operating at the highest levels of quality and integrity as the predominant service providers in their respective geographical bases of operations. The Tecma Group wishes to welcome the Tecma Tijuana managerial team into its ranks. Meet Tecma Tijuana’s key staff members:

edwin-berryEdwin Berry
Vice President of Sales & Customer Relations

Tecma Tijuana new business development and existing client retention activities will be spearheaded by Edwin Berry. As a US citizen that was raised in Mexico, Edwin is the possessor of highly developed bi-cultural knowledge, and a skill set that he has required as a result of a lifetime of practical knowledge and experience.

Mr. Berry is a veteran of private sector franchising activities, and brings an acute sensibility regarding business profitability to the table in his dealings with prospective and existing shelter client company customers alike. This concern with ensuring the profitability of a business enterprise was further developed as a result of having established and operated his own custom furnishing manufacturing enterprise in Mexico.

Edwin is educated in Industrial Design, and Business Administration and Communications. These skills will be put to good use in making Tecma Tijuana an integral part of the Tecma Group of Companies.

salvador_lopezSalvador Lopez
Director of Administration

As an expert in Tijuana manufacturing jobs, labor pool and locally effective hiring techniques, Tecma Tijuana will be led by Salvador Lopez on the Mexican side of the border. Originally from the Federal District, Salvador has been a Tijuana resident since 1985. Given his background in personnel and in general management, as well as his command of both English and Spanish, Mr. Lopez is uniquely qualified to ensure that Tecma Tijuana manufacturing firm clients will receive service in an efficient and seamless manner.

luis_enrique_gonzalezLuis Enrique Gonzalez

Mr. Gonzalez brings more than 26 years of maquiladora industry experience to Tecma Tijuana. He is a CPA that is eminently qualified in making sure that Tecma Group clients are in, and remain in, compliance with all fiscal and legal requirements in Mexico. Luis Enrique is fully bilingual and is a member of the Tijuana Association of CPAs.

esther_hernandezEsther Hernandez
Director – Import/Export Department

Ms. Hernandez supervises critical functions of the Tecma Tijuana import-export operation. This includes dealing with all matters related to the administration of Certificates of Origin, Cost Reconciliation and other important customs functions. Esther is dedicated to making sure that shipments belonging to Tecma Tijuana clients transit the US-Mexico border as smoothly and efficiently as is possible.

monica_arriagaMonica Arriaga
Manager – Environmental Services

Ms. Arriaga is brings her expertise as a former employee of Mexico’s environmental secretariat (PROFEPA) to the Tecma Tijuana team. Her intimate knowledge of the agency’s internal workings has
equipped her to help Tecma Group customers successfully navigate the Mexican government’s environmental audit process. Monica is fully bilingual and is a native of Tijuana.

karla_jacquezKarla Jacques
Manager – Human Resources

Karla Jacques brings more than a decade of experience in human resources administration in the maquiladora industry, as well as payroll and payroll tax preparation, benefits and social security administration experience. Her broad range of knowledge includes a familiarity with industrial safety and hygiene, and with matters related to labor law.

rebecca_sanchezRebecca Sanchez
Manager – Accounting and Financial Service

Ms. Sanchez is a long-time member of what is now the Tecma Tijuana team. She began her labors with Made in Mexico in 2004, and is a Mexican CPA. She has a broad knowledge of Mexican manufacturing shelter operations, tax issues and internal audits.

jesus_zatarainJesus Zatarian
Manager – Information Technologies

Mr. Zatarian is the member of the Tecma Tijuana team that is responsible that information flows both internally and externally. He holds a bachelor’s degree in the management of information technology systems and began working for Made in Mexico in 2010. Through his efforts, all aspects of the menu of Tecma Tijuana administrative services are fully computerized, including all aspects of critical areas such as payroll and import-export administration.

The Tecma Group of Companies is both proud and pleased to welcome the Tecma Tijuana leadership into the organizational fold.  Tecma is looking forward to a long and successful tenure in its provision of Mexican shelter services in Tijuana and Baja California.

Remember, interested parties can receive Mexico manufacturing information on a weekly basis by SMS Texting the word Tecma to 96000.

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