Tecma Group of Companies’ executive vice president, Toby Spoon, introduces some key players from the newly acquired Tecma Made in Mexico.

Toby Spoon:

Hello, my name is Toby Spoon. I’m with the Tecma Group. As you may have read in some of the industry publications, the Tecma Group recently acquired Made in Mexico in Tijuana. We are pretty excited about that, and are combining two groups that each have over twenty years of experience in the maquiladora industry. Together we are going to make a strong presence in manufacturing on the border. We have some individuals here with us today that are from the Tecma Made in Mexico shelter services team. I would like for each of them to introduce themselves and to tell you a bit
about the operation there.

Salvador Lopez:

Hello I’m Salvador Lopez. I am a member of the Tecma Made in Mexico shelter services senior management team. We are now members of the Tecma Group of Companies. As part of this joint venture, we are bringing honesty, flexibility and integrity to our clients and their operations here in Mexico. Thank you.

Edwin Berry:

Tecma has welcomed Made in Mexico to their team. and, I, Edwin Berry, vice president of customer service and sales would like to consider Mexico as part of your options that are available for success. I will be your initial point of contact for information regarding the Tecma Made in Mexico shelter services offering. It’s my job to make sure that you get provided all the information about the Baja California region, the Tijuana-San Diego market that will be beneficial to your long term success.

Josue Rodriguez:

Hi, my name is Josue Rodriquez director of program management for Tecma Made in Mexico shelter services in Baja California. One of our main goals at Tecma is to make sure that our clients get every service and all the details that they need to run a successful manufacturing operation in Mexico. Once we engage in a business partnership, I’ll make sure that everything comes into place. I look forward to serving you.

Toby Spoon:

We’ve heard from our key guys here. We at Tecma and Made in Mexico are excited about the future of Tecma Made in Mexico shelter services. We want to invite you to come down to see what we have to offer. It would be our pleasure to serve you.